Shotgun+RV installation guide

This guide walks you through a basic RV installation - along with the Shotgun+RV package. Once completed, you can check out the RV with Easy Shotgun Setup Overview, or read through the customization guide to get RV working with your own Shotgun server.  This integration is required to be able to use Shotgun's "Screening Room" review tool with RV.  See more documentation on Screening Room here.

Installation steps


Obtain an RV License

This is the very first thing you'll need to do. Because RV licenses are keyed to the HostID (MAC Address) of your computer, Tweak Software will need you to send them this number. 

Your HostID (MAC Address) looks something like this:


If you're not sure how to find your HostID, click here.

Click here to request an RV License


Install RV


Once you've got your license file from Tweak Software, you'll need to download RV for your OS here*. Go through the installation process (if your download came with an installer), then enter your license key - described below.

Enter your license key

When you start up RV for the first time after installation, you'll see the Tweak License installer window. Click on Add License, then point to the license file. When the license file loads in the Installer window, click 'Save', then click 'Quit'.



Verify the RVLink Protocol handler

Click on this link. You should see an RV window open that looks like the screenshot below:


If you see the screenshot above, then you're ready to enable the Shotgun+RV package.

If you do not see the screen above or nothing happens, please see this page on the Tweak Software Support site about protocol handlers 

Enable the Shotgun+RV Package (for RV versions 3.10.11+)

As of RV version 3.10.11, the Shotgun package is included in the RV installation and when enabled, makes RV "Shotgun-aware" and provides features in RV to interact directly with Shotgun. If you have an older version of RV, we recommend you download an updated version.

To enable the Shotgun package:

  1. Start RV
  2. Select the RV > Preferences menu
  3. Select the Packages Tab
  4. Select the "Installed" and "Load" checkboxes next to the Shotgun Integration package
  5. Close the Preferences and restart RV
  6. You should now see a Shotgun menu in your menubar and the Shotgun package is now enabled.


Note: At this point RV has the Shotgun package enabled, but we haven't configured it to know what Shotgun server to connect to. So when RV starts, you may see warnings like "No config module found". Not to worry, we'll take care of that in the next step: Shotgun+RV Configuration Guide



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Document History

  • 2011 Apr 20: Updated info to show Shotgun package is included in latest RV installations


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