Recommended Browsers and Release QA Information

Below you'll find a list of tested and supported browsers for Shotgun. Each version of Shotgun is stress tested to ensure that everything we're doing works as smoothly as possible for you. Any bugs reported in the below browsers will be flagged to the Product Team and scheduled into a patch update during the release cycle. 

 Shotgun     Chrome  Firefox  Firefox ESR  Safari*  Screening Room for RV    RV
 7.2 58 53.0.2 45.9.0esr 10.1 (OSX) Included with RV 7.0
 7.1 57 52.0.2 45.5.0esr 10.1 (OSX) Included with RV 7.0
 7.0  54  49.0.2  45.4.0esr  10.0.1 (OSX)

 Included with RV

 6.3  46  41.0.2  38.3.0esr  9.0.1 (OSX)

 Included with RV

 6.0  42  37.0.2  31.6.0esr  8.0.4 (OSX)


 5.4  39  33.1.1  31.2.0esr  7.0.6 (OSX)


 5.3  34
 28.0  24.4.0esr  6.1.2 (OSX)


 5.2  31.0.1650.63
 25.0.1  24.1.1esr  6.0.5 (OSX)


 5.1  27.0.1453.116  21  17.0.7esr  6.0.5 (OSX)


 5.0  26.0.1410.43          20              17.0.5esr          6.0.2 (OSX)           1.11  3.12.20           

If you log into Shotgun with a non-supported browser, you'll see a small notification on the login screen and a link to this article. Don't worry - you'll still be able to log in, but we can't guarantee that everything will work as expected.

If a bug is reported that is only found in a non-supported browser, we may make the decision not to fix it. This allows the team to continue to stay focused on adding new features and delivering the best possible experience for you.  Another reason to upgrade your browser is that browser technology is constantly evolving - many recent browser releases include increased performance that can boost your Shotgun - and overall web - experience.

*A note about Safari: annotations currently do not work in the Safari browser due to a limitation that is beyond our control. For the Client Review Site, Screening Room, and Overlay Player, we recommend using Chrome and Firefox instead for an optimal experience.



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