Shotgun and Screening Room known issues


  • Some clients using Safari have reported seeing double tooltips overlays in Shotgun. This is due to how Safari manages tooltip information and there is no solution known at this time. If double tooltips are plaguing you, it is possible to disable Safari’s tooltip overlays manually (see for some pointers on how to do this).

Screening Room and review tools

  • With Shotgun 5.4 the player in the Overlay Player, Screening Room, and the Client Review Site received an overhaul and provided a new UI and keyboard shortcuts. There are a couple issues to be aware of with the UI depending, on the OS and browser you’re using:
    • For Safari users, the new keyboard shortcuts allow you to zoom in (1-9), but the zoom out (alt+1-0) hotkeys are in use by Safari for selecting an active tab. To address, follow to remap the Safari hotkeys in conflict or switch to Chrome or Firefox.
    • Annotation tool settings are now adjusted via a spinner value box via a click or scrolling. If you’re on OSX, the scroll direction may be the opposite of what you’re expecting depending on how you’ve configured scrolling in your preferences. If scroll direction in the spinner value boxes isn’t working as expected, you can adjust your OSX settings via Settings > Mouse > Scroll Direction = Natural.
    • In Firefox, the backspace or return key won’t navigate your browser back unless you’ve clicked outside of the text box. As an alternate, you can escape the Overlay Player with the ESC key or via the browse back button.
  • Some Chrome users may experience black frames or stuttering playback. A workaround for these Chrome playback issues involves navigating to the “about:flags” page in Chrome, and Enabling the “Disable hardware-accelerated video decode” setting.
  • Due to a webkit issue there is a limitation with dual monitor setups and Screening Room for RV. The Screening Room for RV panes will only refresh on the primary monitor. Elements like the canvas timeline will not refresh on the secondary monitor unless the RV window is resized.
  • Users on Firefox and Window 7 may experience a pause when transitioning from one clip to another in the Screening Room web player. This is due to an issue with how multithreading is handled within Windows 7. Until this issue is resolved with Microsoft, we suggest using Chrome.
  • RV version 3.12.16, does not work with Screening Room. Qt 4.8.1 WebView (used in RV 3.12.16) has a JavaScript bug which breaks rendering of Shotgun Screening Room panels in RV. Screening Room users should upgrade to the latest RV.
  • Detaching panes in Screening Room for RV on Linux (CentOS 6.2) can result in the panes disappearing completely. Click on “Reset Panes” in the Screening Room menu in RV to restore them to their default state.
  • The default build of Firefox on some Linux distributions does not include support for the video formats used by the Screening Room App and Overlay Player, so these players are not currently supported in those environments. A Linux Administrator may be able to build Firefox for your environment so that it includes support for WebM video, and Screening Room should work properly. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for best performance on all platforms.
  • Some JPG images rendered out of Maya can be rendered with the wrong aspect ratio due to an inconsistency in the image meta data. This results in images that look “squashed” in the Screening Room Web Players. To resolve, ensure you're setting the pixel aspect ratio when exporting from Maya.