Platform Overview

Build on top of a production tracking, review, and asset management toolset for VFX, animation, and games teams of all sizes.


Managing a production takes a lot of work to keep all the moving pieces in sync.

Use our Shotgun REST API or Python API to connect directly to your data, the Event Trigger Framework to automate repetitive tasks, and Action Menu Items to launch your apps directly from Shotgun's web interface.

Check out our Developer Videos to learn more about using Shotgun.


Toolkit is an extendable platform for integrating artist applications and tools with Shotgun. For more information, see our Toolkit Developer Overview.


Powerful desktop review gives artists and supervisors the ability to iterate faster.

Dig into RV's Reference Manuals for a complete understanding of node graphs, custom shaders, event handling, and networking.

Look to our Integration Packages for seamless workflows with Maya & Nuke.