6.2 Release Notes

Shotgun 6.2 brings a major upgrade to our technological stack that will improve the security and maintainability of our application. We also made a number of changes under the hood and to the API that make the new Shotgun Panel possible.

Here's a quick run-through of what's new in Shotgun 6.2:

Security Updates

We made some significant, though fairly low level changes to our tech stack, updating to Ruby 2.1. This upgrades important parts of the Shotgun codebase to a more stable, more secure version of Ruby. Although there were a number of changes to our code that made this change possible, very few will be visible to users. It's possible you may notice some snappier page loads or faster API calls. Faster and more secure? Yes please.

Shotgun Panel

Shotgun 6.2 includes support for the brand new Shotgun Panel. The Shotgun Panel lives inside many of the applications your artists use, showing them important information on their work, such as notes, versions, and publishes. The Shotgun Panel requires that you have Shotgun Toolkit setup. Learn more about installing and configuring Shotgun Toolkit.




We've been releasing bugs and small features continuously in our 6.1 patches, but we saved a few for 6.2. Check 'em out:

6.2.0 (September 13, 2015)

Small Features and Bug Fixes

  • API endpoint to access the activity stream. [29739]
  • API endpoint to pull down the conversation for a note. [29740]
  • API endpoint to pull down the autocomplete values for a string. [29741]


6.2.2 (Wed Sep 23, 2015)


  • Fix the LDAP password issue in Shotgun [30771]


6.2.3 (Tue Oct 06, 2015)


  • Generate thumbnails from very small files via the API. [30517]
  • Fix to make sure quotes and double quotes are escaped in the Crew Planning and Project Timeline apps. [31152]
  • Fix for Versions not being created from PDF's via the API. [31230]
  • Fix to allow permanently deleting a query field from the fields Trash page. [30184]
  • Fix to prevent hanging background processes when updating field properties. Optimization to improve API response time when performing schema queries. [30420]


6.2.4 (Wed Oct 07, 2015)


  • Fix made for Crew Planning app for when the Note fields were empty, the UI would freeze. This is now resolved. [31528]


6.2.5 (Tue Oct 20, 2015)


  • Change to make sure RV download link is pointing to *.exe rather than *.zip [31549]


  • Fix to make sure that Note Replies have their Project field populated. [27864]
  • Display a warning message if admin tries to disable it's own account. [28138]
  • Fix to make sure 'updated_at' and 'updated_by' are not updated when only viewing a Version as no update has occured. [29364]
  • When Grouping in List View, HTML is now escaped in the Group headers. [30602]
  • Fix the Unsanitized HTML in Task Status Tooltips in Pipeline Step columns. [31144]
  • Fix to prevent a hang when switching between Manual Upload and Thumbnail based on Query for Thumbnail columns. [31636]


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    Maxim Doucet


    Is it normal that we can't access the "Shotgun Panel" page at https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/96142738

    The only thing I can see is "You do not have access to this topic".

  • 0
    Ben Hadden

    Hi Maxim, there was a short period when that link was private, but it should be public now. Let us know if you see otherwise.

  • 0
    Andrés Grynberg

    installation documentation?

  • 0
    John Coldrick

    Just fired this up in our sandbox...it's pretty cool!  I love the ability to quickly make notes with screengrabs from your app...



  • 0
    Patrick Wolf

    It looks like performance wasn't part of the focus for this release but it feels so much faster!

    Thank you in any case!

  • 0
    Charles Martin

    Hi Patrick,

    In some unit testing that we have done, we noticed that Ruby 2.1 was actually running approximately 15% faster than the previous version. This will obviously help, but because it is only one piece of the request processing time (we still need to account for network, database requests, etc.), it is difficult to quantify the impact on the overall performance of Shotgun.

    Another change that we did is the addition of a number of database indices to speed up some frequently used database operations. This is most likely what might be making Shotgun faster for you.

    In all cases, really happy about these changes had an impact on your overall performance!


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