6.3 Release Notes

Shotgun 6.3 brings new features and improvements that make it easier for entire teams to review, share, and provide feedback on creative projects. With new Media App features, a revamped Client Review Site, and an updated Screening Room for RV Submit Tool, it’s now easier than ever for artists to stay connected to everyone on the job. 



Global Media App

We've promoted the Media App by putting it front and center - allowing users to easily access and manage media across all of their studio’s projects from one, easy-to-access location in Shotgun.

The new Project Hierarchy Tree on the left enables artists, supervisors, and managers to browse media on their projects based on its structure - giving you a map to your media at a glance. For example, quickly filter by sequence > shots on film projects or episode > shot on episodic TV projects.




Playlist Search helps users easily find and see all the playlists on their Shotgun site or drill down to playlists within a specific project.




Media Launching Preferences let you to control how media is launched from the Media App. Launch media in the Browser Overlay Player, Screening Room, or directly in RV -  turning the Media App into a super-powered springboard for your content.




With Easy Version/Playlist Sharing, direct colleagues to a specific Version or Playlist with the addition of easily sharable internal playlists and versions links that can be sent via email or IM for immediate review.



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Client Review Site v2

The Client Review Site changed the way you share work with your clients in a brand-able, simple, secure website. With 6.3, we're rolling out a round of highly anticipated updates based on your feedback.




For our commercial clients out there whose projects demand speed and ease of use over security, you now have the power to share playlists with or without a password. Also, auto-expiring playlist shares help keep your site secure by closing the door on long-forgotten shares. These new settings help you tailor your client's review experience exactly to your preferences.




We've torn down the walls between you and your clients by adding support for using your regular Shotgun account with the Client Review Site. Reply to Client notes there or from anywhere in Shotgun without a separate client account. We've also made it easier to share your work with the same group of people again and again with new a timesaving feature that remembers who you've shared with most recently. It all happens automatically, which means you get easier sharing with groups without having to manage them.




Clients can now approve your work with the click of a button - once a Version is approved, visual markers let everyone know. Also, enhanced notes and replies now provide support for attachments.


6_3_crsv2_approved_v01_crop.jpg          6_3_crsv2_wide_shot_v01_attachment_replies_crop.jpg


Improved email notifications let you know when feedback is made or new work is added to a playlist.


6_3_crsv2_email_notification_comment_v01.jpg         6_3_crsv2_email_notification_playlist_share_v01.jpg

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Screening Room for RV Submit Tool: My Tasks & Notify

We've added a new “My Tasks” view to the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool that allows users to select their Task from a list, which means your artists can focus on their work and not how to submit it to Shotgun. 




Get alerted to new work waiting for feedback with a new option called Notify. Notify allows users to send specific people a Shotgun Inbox notification when new media is submitted for review (even if they are not currently following the project or task).  

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And one last thing... 

We did a little Spring Cleaning (in the Fall) by updating fonts and dialogue styles throughout Shotgun.  The refresh matches the new look and feel we've been using in the Media App and spruces up the joint.



Released to select Early Adopters on September 28, 2015.

Released to all hosted clients on October 25, 2015

Availability to locally installed clients TBD.



6.3.1 Early Adopters (Wed Oct 07, 2015) 


  • Fix for a styling regression in Master Detail mode. [30428]
  • Global Media app icon is no longer highlighted when in the Project Media app. [30924]
  • Made Back button behavior in Media apps more predictable. [30926]
  • Make sure Media app gives Permissions warnings when Playlist and Versions Entities are disabled. [30976]
  • Allow Versions to be uploaded via the right Pane of the Media app in the 'All Versions in All Projects' section. [30978]
  • Make sure Last Import also updates when using '+ New Version' form in the Media apps. [30989]
  • Fix to cleanup the Media app URLs. [31019]
  • GMA - Scrolling down while D&D in left pane not working on Firefox and Safari [31028]
  • Fix the project selection in GMA. [31166]
  • Fix to so that non-project specific New Version forms do not populate the Project field. [31190]
  • [GMA] Lower blue banner not appearing as expected when drag and dropping across GMA [31283]
  • GUI tweak to add new List Field. [31286]
  • Fix the "Reason for Review" filed is now visible on version playlist. [31289]
  • Add Note to selected from the Global Media app should populate the Link field. [31291]
  • The right pane now contains the right message "There are no Versions in this Playlist" [31292]
  • Project field is no longer available in single Project mode in the Media apps. [31293]
  • Project Picker reflect now the project selection on refresh. [31308]
  • Disable version upload in all Playlist section. [31319]
  • Fix to prevent the Media app upload progress indicator overflowing. [31328]
  • Fix for js error when navigating back to the Media app. [31329]
  • The "Create Versions" window is showing when DnD a file into the file Upload note area in Screening Room. [31340]
  • Fix the issue in GMA, where the right pane wasn't load for some SG sites. [31357]
  • Creating a Playlist with the +Playlist button when there are required fields on the Playlist no longer results in a broken New Playlist Form [31358]
  • Fix the error when linking a version to multiple playlist within GMA. [31368]
  • [GMA] "Open in Screening Room" results in endless SR load [31372]
  • Truncate overly long Description names when Grouped by Desc [31389]
  • "Open in" Default Setting not working [31392]
  • Fix to prevent display of incorrect message when loading Screening Room. [31457]
  • Fix the System Error when searching a folder in a project. [31463]


6.3.2 (Wed Oct 21, 2015) 


  • CRS: Add Email notification for Client Approvals [30307]
  • Update GMA On Ramp Video [30934]
  • GMA Browse Find a Folder Search Optimization [30994]
  • Reduced duplication to make the GMA code more robust and easier to maintain. [31467]
  • Freeze Find a Folder and Find a Playlist to the top of the Left Pane for easier navigation [31504]
  • Add link to User Email Notifications settings for HumanUser in the Client Review Site's Preview Mode. [31553]
  • Tweak GMA On Ramp messaging to help users understand how to define hierarchy tree in GMA. [31611]
  • GMA Scrolling Performance Refactor (now 2-3x snappier!) [31341/31688]



  • Fix for formatting in the Review Notes App shared and locked Playlist banner. [30431]
  • Fix to prevent javascript error when deleting retired fields. [30492]
  • Fix for naming Pipeline step field as it would not update when edited. [30800]
  • Fix for double hop fields not showing the correct value after an edit. [30842]
  • Fix for errant alert when switching tabs in the Upload menu [31091]
  • Fix to prevent an error when creating a new Note on multi selected Versions in the Media apps. [31271]
  • Fix to prevent a page hang when switching back to Default on the Work Schedules page. [31337]
  • Fix to prevent a Promise Error when navigating quickly through notifications in the Inbox. [31356]
  • Fix to prevent users from applying context menu action to multiple playlists. [31367]
  • More detail given to user if the Version's Link field See permission is off. [31430]
  • Fix to reinstate the Number of Videos to Preload menu. [31468]
  • Fix for gui issue in when grouping in List View. [31505]
  • Fix to prevent a js error when locking other users Playlists in the Global Media app. [31520]
  • Fix to make sure the Page Filter in the Global Media app works. [31523]
  • Fix on query field not letting you use list or status . [31559]
  • Fix the GMA "+Playlist" functionality. [31679]
  • Fix for creating Versions with the New Version Form in the Global Media app. [31686]


6.3.3 (Wed Oct 28, 2015)


  • Fix to prevent mark up in Tickets creating a js error. [33012]
  • The column summaries are no longer missing on grouping [33023]
  • Now can create notes if the "client note" checkbox is ticked. [33024]
  • Fix for autocomplete on Upstream and Downstream Dependency fields in the Tasks page. [33038]
  • Fix the login issue in Shotgun with a new user. [33081]


6.3.4 (Thu Nov 05, 2015)


  • Add CRS-shared and Locked playlist indicators/icons to the All Playlist View. [30923]
  • Fundamental change was made to our tooltips throughout the app so they no longer hide after 3 seconds when you stay hovered over a tooltip. [27741]


  • Two new options added to the Media apps: 'Shots without a Sequence' and 'Assets without a Type'. [31654]
  • Fix made to the Screening Room for RV Package not being loaded by default in RV. [31660]
  • Fix to make sure the Link field is populated correctly in the new Version form. [31687]
  • Fix to make sure HTML is escaped properly in Version Description fields. [33013]
  • Remove unnecessary Polling from pages that do not have the Global Nav as there are no visible Inbox updates. [30394]
  • Made the Global Media app icon look sharper. [31483]
  • Clicking on Group Name in the Overlay Player no longer launches a web page. [31682]
  • Fix to prevent Undo and Clear buttons can appearing over the image area at certain browser widths in the Client Review Site. [31720]
  • Inbox loads reduced to prevent performance issues. [33091]


6.3.5 (Thu Nov 26, 2015)


  • Pipeline Step Filter added to Global Media app and the Project based Media app. [29644]


  • Shotgun no longer allow for spaces to be included in status shortcodes [23805]
  • Fix to prevent Email field rendering with odd HTML characters on Detail Info tabs [25718]
  • Fix the Advanced Grouping where it breaks the Replies Query. [25826]
  • Required Multi Entity fields not being enforced in creation forms. [27739]
  • Fix to make sure text fields don't overflow in the Review Notes app. [27856]
  • Fix for Edit Status on Selected on a PlaylistVersionConnection Status Field not being updated. [28149]
  • Fix to prevent an error when setting up a Thumbnail widget where the Link is the Current Entity. [28703]
  • Fix implemented that resolves an issue with empty values in Thumbnail Queries. [28994]
  • Correct warning displayed when trying to navigate away in the Client Review Site when there's unsaved Notes. [29182]
  • Pipeline Step for disabled entities should are now hidden from the Pipeline Step field autocomplete menu. [29449]
  • It is now possible to receive Inbox notifications when Versions are added to a Playlist that you are Following. [30998]
  • Fix to make sure markup was escaped in Desktop Notifications. [30999]
  • Apostrophe's weren't escaped in the Review Notes app subject field. [31079]
  • fix made on Floating Days not working when adjusting the time in page filters [31602]
  • GUI fix to prevent the Update button overflowing in the Advanced Grouping window. [31605]
  • Known issue - Brush Overlay renders incorrectly in Chrome 46. [31659]
  • Fix for resizing columns in the Media apps. [31722]
  • Fix to remove Project Configuration settings for Artist users. [32980]
  • Alignment of upload icons adjusted in the Media apps. [32991]
  • Fix the "+New Version" button if the Playlist is locked. [32995]
  • Fix made on Column Summary UI Artifacting with Pipeline Steps when Grouping by Entity [33025]
  • WE now use tabular numerals variant of Proxima Nova [33084]
  • we can now edit date field inside filter. [33124]
  • Fix the "Esc" key when exiting the LBV from the Composite Thumbnail. [33139]
  • Fix to make sure the Step Filter doesn't get re-enabled after a page refresh. [33164]
  • Checkbox fields were offset in the 'More Fields...' form in Firefox. This is now resolved. [33168]
  • Fix the TreePath in LocalStorage for Safari when Clearing the Cache. [33228]
  • Fix the fields shows as blank. [33233]
  • Fix the Cancel and Create buttons position in the note form. [33261]
  • Fix for the Invite People popover where autocomplete wouldn't work for users with previously shared Playlists. [33263]


6.3.6 (Fri Dec 11, 2015)


  • Disallow deleting important pages from Admin. [25765]
  • More readable error shown when trying to make duplicate Human Users. [27942]
  • Fix to Make sure Fields weren't editable by Artists. [29275]
  • Footage Field Summaries Now Display Properly [29953]
  • Fix to prevent hang when duplicating Task Templates that have non-latin characters. [31480]
  • Fix to make sure it's possible to Duplicate multiple Playlists in the Media apps. [33133]
  • Grouping by Open Notes has now been disabled as it was previously causing a server error. [33135]
  • Changing an Existing Field to type List no longer hang. [33200]
  • Fix Upload and Cancel button styling in the Upload an Icon form. [33276]
  • Fix to allow Reviving Client Users that have already shared a Playlist. [33349]
  • Fix to refresh Media apps when Duplicating Playlists. [33350]
  • We now see in the banner "Retired x Playlists. Undo" where x is the number of playlists.the undo is working. [33351]
  • Fix to allow loading of Playlist Detail Pages. [33369]
  • Fix the save changes to new entity create form. [33413]
  • Implemented alphabetical ordering for Entities in the Media app navigation trees. [33417]
  • Fix the error when switching Note info on the Note Detail Page. [33452]
  • Server error no longer generated on deletion of playlist [33470]


6.3.7 (Fri Dec 16, 2015)


  • Migrating certain databases during the deployment of 6.3.6 was taking too long [34119]


6.3.8 (Mon Jan 11, 2016)


  • Fix add download file option to the Lightbox Viewer when accessed from the Client Review Site  [33562]
  • Fix the login API authentication with LDAP [33574]
  • Added support for drag reordering of Playlist Versions in the media app while viewing Versions in thumbnail mode [33435]
  • Fixed a bug with drag reordering of playlist versions in list view when a scrollbar appears [33490] (Wed Jan 27, 2016)


  • Added support for suppressing standard note email notifications when sending a summary email in the Review Notes app. Note: this feature is only available in the context of the Review Notes app when sending a summary email. If no summary email is sent, the standard logic for processing note email notifications will be used. [33480]


  • Fix server error when trying to view versions with wrong s3 settings  [34258]
  • Action Menu Items are now supplied with sorting and grouping information which supports advanced sorting and advanced grouping [23180]
  • Fix rendering of weekend bars at high zoom breaking duration calculations. [25481]
  • Fix the "See non-project Tasks" in Task Templates. [29513]
  • Fix step visibility reporting in the API [29898]
  • Update API schema_field_create method so that a reverse field is created upon entity field creation [30179]
  • Fix the email tooltips on human users. [33016]
  • Fix rendering of weekend bars at high zoom breaking duration calculations. [33105]
  • Fix to prevent JS error when using File/Link in a grid page. [33362]
  • Fix activity stream rendering when user can't see an entry. [33475]
  • Fix for logging of detail page load times. [34203]
  • Fix generated events for multiple field edition on single record [34230]
  • Fixed tasks in the GMA contextual menu [34248]
  • Fix the ordering statuses in the configuration dialog. [34331]
  • Fix tooltips showing HTML code on Status [34459]
  • Fixed a regression with the Review Notes app summary email incorrectly double-escaping characters. [33544] (Mon Feb 2, 2016)


  • Fix the Summary email error when sending from Review Note App. [34627] (Tue Feb 16, 2016)


  • Forgot login or password messaging is now "If you’ve entered a valid email address or login, a password reset email has been sent to you. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.". [31689]

  • The notes app summary email title is now a link to the playlist detail page. [34263]
  • Allow Admins to assume another user's identity. [10245]
  • Allow basic "Cut and Paste" from the Ticket view. [34510]


  • No longer get Permissions error when creating a field on a connection entity. [28361]
  • Fix an erroneous state where some users could not enable versions, tasks, and/or published files on entities from the site preferences page. [30586]
  • Fix the performance while doing a Drag&Drop over the tree. [30815]
  • User is now warned that deleting local storage is permanent and cannot be undone. [31768]
  • Fix made on blanked "My Follow" setting page display for chrome, firefox and safari. [33909]
  • Fix the "Save Page As"  for the Landing Pages. [34134]
  • Fix the ClientUser Password if LDAP auth is enabled. [34558]
  • Fix made on note configuration option , no longer missing . [18545]
  • Fix the bi-directional reverse entity file when creating new file. [30631]
  • Fix the Server error on Note Publish when using Summary Email option. [30737]
  • Fix made on error if using the double hop with retired entity. [31006]
  • Fix make on project manage page displaying errors. [34147] (Mon Mar 7, 2016)


  • Add new Display of Dates options (yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy/mm/dd, mm/dd). [13309]
  • Clean the overflow of long version name in the Review Notes App. [21838]
  • Support spaces in the CC field of summary emails. [27039]
  • New Hierarchy Navigation Omit Statuses can be found in advance option of the site preferences. [30337]
  • Support custom note field layouts in the Review Notes App. [30596]
  • Show the fields names/labels in the ReviewNotes. [34496]


  • Fix the Local File link is not working on field type file/link. [33120]
  • Fix the "Manage Files" functionality when creating versions. [34787]
  • Fix so that Versions can be created with required fields using drag and drop. [34801]
  • Fix to remove random JavaScript errors on detail view clicks. [34866]
  • Fix the Type Error message when closing the Filter panel by clicking around. [34877]
  • Fix to prevent the Undo banner appearing when reading an Unread Note. [35081]
  • Fix to bring back the LightBox viewer in the Client Review Site. [35083]
  • Fix the special characters properly escaped upon creating playlist. [35084]
  • Fix some escaped special character from some menus. [35231] (Web Mar 9, 2016)


  • Fixed problem whereby bubbling to EventLogEntry's 'entity' field was no longer available. [35387]
  • Fix made on attachment rendering inside Notes. [35421] (Wed Mar 16, 2016)


  • Support advanced sorting in Review Notes App's sort menu. [17870]
  • Fix the Access to the right-click Action menu in the Review Note App. [21714]
  • Ability to copy/paste URL to a view and Tab on a Page. [26512]


  • Fix the Exporter when date time field shown in pivot field. [25214]
  • Admin can now save changes on private pages. [26513]
  • Fixed a problem with the copy in the ticket page. [35259] (Wed Mar 30, 2016)


  • Reply Content is now available in search options in quick filter. [20482]
  • Updates API session token timestamp when validating session authentication. [34724]


  • If a login is created with 'unicode spaces' (including invisible characters), these are replaced by regular spaces. Also, spaces before and after the login are now stripped. This ensures user logins are handled the same way when authenticating via the Shotgun API and the Web UI. [34521]
  • Updates RV session token timestamp when validating session authentication. [35332]
  • Fix made on page creation, all types of pages can now be created without any errors. [35465] (Thu Mar 31, 2016)


  • Logging changes cause sites to deny connection under certain conditions. [35791] (Wed Apr 20, 2016)


  • Optimizations to reduce the amount of queries. [34543]
  • New note form configuration is now working when removing fields and saving [35408]
  • Reinstate URL link inside summary email. [35961]

Features (Tue May 3, 2016)


  • Fix the debug message when loading the Detail Page. [36046]
  • Fix made on Right-click no longer working in the Review Notes App. [36088]


  • Fixed a typo where the importer reports duplicate records. [35452] (Wed May 18, 2016)


  • General bug fix causing server errors when field permissions changed while site being actively used. [36080]
  • Threaded entity detail pages now respect hidden fields. [35987]
  • The global default Playlist detail page loads properly. [36029]
  • Fixed broken links to toolkit documentation in the manage apps page. [35660] (Tue May 24, 2016)


  • Fix the Transcoding fails when version added by api script. [36594] (Wed Jun 08, 2016)


  • Fix for a CRUD error when explicitly specifying local storage when creating a file/link entity. [31151]
  • Fix for Recent menu in Project dialog not appearing. [36461] (Tue Jun 28, 2016)


  • Fixed a date display issue where events generated near midnight UTC would be attributed to the wrong day in activity streams. [34668]
  • Previous security work caused users names which included apostrophes to be replaced with hyphens. Apostrophes are now properly represented. [35804]




  • 0
    Jean-Paul LeDoux

    How do these release notes relate to RV?  When I see a note like the second in 6.3.4 (Fix Made to the Screening Room for RV Package not being loaded by default in RV) it sounds like we should be reinstalling RV.  But the installer is still for 6.2.6.

  • 0
    Rachit Singh

    Hey Jean,

    I don't think the shotgun release version and RV release versions match, If you already have RV 6.2.6 then the bug should already be gone and probably don't have to reinstall.

    RV release notes https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/96057287

  • 0
    Jean-Paul LeDoux

    Thanks Rachit.  And when did you start calling me Jean?  :)

  • 0
    Rachit Singh

    Haha, since November 26, 2015, 8:15 AM ;)

  • 0
    Halil Mehmet

    Is there any more info regarding "support for additional multi-entity update modes via the API [10692]" in the release

    Does this mean we can append and remove an entity from a field instead of setting the full value with all entities in that field?

  • 0
    Brandon Foster

    Hi Halil,

    Exactly! See the update to the API documentation here, specifically the new multi_entity_update_modes variable.


  • 0
    melanie zaffran

    Yeah for attachments in Review Note App!!!! this will be a huge time saver for my coordinators.

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