6.1 Release Notes

Shotgun 6.1 is a maintenance-focused release that helps lay the groundwork for larger, more prominent security features.  As part of this, a few smaller security details needed to be addressed, and this also provided an opportunity for us to improve the workflow for creating new Users and managing access in Shotgun.  In addition, we started work on the first of these new security features - two-factor authentication, which is in beta now.

Here's a quick runthrough of what's new in Shotgun 6.1...

The Login Screen

This is the first thing you'll notice, so it's the lead item here.  We've reworked the look and feel of our login screen - we hope you like it!


Forgot Login or Password?

Have you ever forgotten your password or had someone in your studio forget his/her password?  We've all been there.  With Shotgun 6.1, Users can reset this themselves, meaning Admins no longer need to do it for them (and more importantly, Users don't have to wait for them to do it).  The new Shotgun login screen has a link at the bottom to help Users request a password reset and/or an email with their login information, helping to ensure everyone in the studio maintains access.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.04.00 AM.png

Welcome Emails

With an eye toward improving security, Shotgun will no longer email passwords as text.  Instead, when new Users are created, they will receive an email from the site with a link.  Clicking the link will then guide the User through creating a password to gain entry to the site.


User Management

In addition to the welcome emails, we've made a number of small tweaks to the User creation and management flows within Shotgun to make them simpler and easier for Admins.  Learn more about them in our docs!  In particular, note that we have new notification emails for Admins when Users are locked out of the system.

Two-Factor Authentication

As mentioned above, two-factor authentication is in beta.  If you’re interested in trying it out on your site, please get in touch via support@shotgunsoftware.com.


We can't leave out the small features and bugfixes, here is the full list:

6.1.0 (July 20, 2015)

Small Features and Bugfixes

  • '->' is now escaped properly when creating sub-folders for pages.  [26237]
  • The Create New Project dialog now displays correctly when opened from a cell.  [29850]
  • The typed-in name is now transferred from the cell to the Create New Project dialog. [29852]
  • Long Project names now wrap in the Create New Project Dialog.  [29858]
  • Fixed the ability to Delete or Duplicate in the Filter menu. [29911]
  • Fixed the ability to filter on 'tag_list' via the API.  [30039]
  • Fixed the Manage Share button appearing on a Shared playlist.  [30044]
  • Fixed the ability to click "Info" on a query field and get the popover results without Javascript errors.  [30048]
  • Non-ASCII characters in page folder names no longer make Shotgun non-functional.  [30107]


6.1.1 (July 22, 2015)

Small Features and Bugfixes

  • Added a Security section to the Site Preferences when two-factor authentication is enabled.  [28919]
  • The default reply-to email address is now valid and auto-responds in case a User does reply to it.  [29482]
  • Admins can now generate and see Backup Codes for Users who might be locked out.  [29518]
  • A Group can now be linked in the Artist field on a Version. [29555]
  • Thumbnail URLs in Excel exports are no longer S3 URLs.  [29598]
  • Hidden Statuses on a Task no longer appear in the Status list for Tasks in My Tasks.  [29753]
  • Removed 6.1.1 release banner.  [30218]
  • Fixed Edit Work Schedule to ensure it's grayed out when the permission is revoked.  [30105]
  • Added the ability to create a Project from Project Timeline.  [26369]
  • Resetting the password for a locked-out User now automatically clears the "Locked Until" field.  [30100]
  • Inbox messages are now readable after hiding a message.  [30163]
  • Ensured the "Save to Text File" link for Backup Codes always opens a new browser window.  [30172]


6.1.2 (Wed, July 29, 2015)


  • Can now hide Entities inside Tracking Settings without getting any errors. [30332]
  • Fix for exporting task query fields in pivot columns to csv. [30213]
  • Fix the possibility to Delete or Duplicate in the Filter menu. [29911]
  • Foreign languages are now supported in user invites. [30215]
  • Hide/unhide on project entity/field/step and status in Tracking Settings is now fixed. [29403]
  • Prevent creation of entity/multi_entity fields with names that conflict with retired entity/multi_entity fields. [29156]


6.1.3 (Thur, July 30, 2015)


  • Fix to prevent hanging background processes when updating field properties. [30420]
  • Optimization to improve API response time when performing schema queries. [30435]


6.1.4 (Tue, Aug 18, 2015)


  • 'Pages' menu in Global Nav renamed to 'All Pages' and the 'Pages' menu in Project Nav renamed to 'Project Pages'. [26746]
  • Fix for missing Required fields in Activity Streams for Artists. [27120]
  • Fix to avoid errors when using URL tokens to populate fields in the standalone New Entity creation form page and then adding an additional value. [27747]
  • Project Tracking Settings now respects linked Entities. [28381]
  • Fix was made to the 'Edit {field} on Selected' dialog to stop it closing when moved. [29991]
  • Performance fix for UIVisibilityRule queries. [30502]
  • A User who may not have full Admin privileges, is now able to create new Users and/or reset their passwords if desired by the full Admins on a given site. [30531]
  • If you have a conditional permission on a HumanUser field and "Use Admin Options" is off, that permission group can now set passwords for other users or create new users without hitting an error. [30547]



6.1.5 (Tue, August 25, 2015)


  • Added additional Custom Entities. [30230]
  • Optimizing database writes for large batches of event log creations. [30532]
  • Fixed bug that prevented Admins from saving a template project. [30557]
  • When demoting an Admin account on the People page, display a warning to prevent accidental account restrictions. [27973]
  • Action Menu Items in My Tasks now respect the "Restrict to Projects" field on AMIs. [30156]
  • Makes a reverse entity field, required for using the Revision entity type, system owned. [30558]


6.1.6 (Sun, Sep 06, 2015)


  • Fix to prevent quotes and ampersands in ticket descriptions and comments being double encoded. [30786]
  • Security hole was fixed in Tooltips that used unsafe HTML [30787]
  • Fix the sudo_as_login so that it doesn't fail if multiple users share logins and only one is not retired. [30939]
  • Ability to Drag and Drop file to the Note form. [30746]
  • Index was added for ToolKit Events [29855]
  • Fixed a regression where new password policies would interfere with LDAP compatibility. [30796]