6.0 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce Shotgun 6.0 - featuring the RV Native Media Player for free as part of your Shotgun subscription, one-click RV/SG integration setup, and a handful of other features that will help you navigate and manage your projects with ease. For a detailed run-through, read on..



Got Shotgun? Now you have RV, too.

Your Shotgun subscription now includes RV - the wildly powerful image and sequence viewer for content creators - for free. All you have to do to get setup is to head to the Apps menu on your site and select RV Native Media Player, download, and enter your Shotgun login details.


And for those of you with Shotgun’s Super Awesome Support, you also get access to RV-SDI for your screening room review needs.

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Connect RV to Shotgun in one-click

We’ve made it super simple to get up and running with RV. Once you’ve entered your Shotgun login details, we’ll handle everything else and connect RV to your Shotgun site.


When you activate RV with your Shotgun account, you also get access to our latest RV integration featuring a streamlined Shotgun menu, support for logging into multiple Shotgun sites (for those of you working with multiple vendors), and you no longer need a separate RVIO license when submitting versions to your site with the RV/Shotgun Submit Tool.

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Organize your different workflows using Templates

Templates help you manage different workflows for different projects, such as films, episodic tv series, or games. You can create your own templates, then use them to create new projects in a consistent way.


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Improved Navigation and Browsing

Quickly move between items you track in Shotgun using the new navigation widget.


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Customize Hierarchy to support your different workflows

Choose how you want to navigate items you’re tracking based on their relationships. For example, navigate Shots by Sequence in your film projects, or Shots by Sequence and Episode in your episodic TV projects.


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And Some Bug Fixes

  • Fix for an issue related to the Open in Screening Room for RV action item. [29098]

  • Fixed a bug with the footage field renderer applying a frames to feet transformation twice when the footage display pref was set to "10.3125". [28837]

  • Added better python API tests. [28817]

  • Fields page Entity type filter error fixed [28728]

  • The API's schema_read method incorrectly reported a "visible" boolean attribute for each entity although there's no such field on entities. The intention was to report an entity's per-project visibility. It is now only accessible through schema_entity_read. [28612]

  • Fix to make sure Thumbnails are displayed in the correct orientation. [27269]

  • Fixed a bug affecting first time page loads of project pages for newly enabled custom entities. [22781]


6.0.1 (Tue May 05, 2015)


  • Fix the selection list opacity in the Media Center. [29187]
  • Fix the Timeline when launching SR4RV on different server. [29154]
  • Fix the Text box area exceed the Version Window. [29197]


6.0.2 (Wed May 27, 2015)


  • Site preference change events appear in event log pages [22782]
  • Fixed Single Query Status fields to use Status background colors [18099]
  • Fix to prevent the Unsaved notes warning when opening Overlay Player while uploading Version. [28100]
  • Fixed Linking Version to Playlist when Version is already linked to that Playlist [28144]
  • js error fixed that was preventing the Resetting of Client User Permissions. [28169]
  • Creating a brand new status will now ask you whether you want to create it for all projects or current project only. [28574]
  • Fix underscores in tags converted to an Wildcard Letter [28584]
  • Fixed that statuses could be added twice [28646]
  • Navigation widget now groups entities with no parent entities in a special category for entities with no parent [28731]
  • Show correct header in the Overlay Player when viewing from a Detail Page. [28963]
  • Fixed Navigation Widget drop down boxes to have a max width with some entities long Titles [29186]
  • Removed read/unread hierarchy setting on threaded entities. [29207]
  • Message prompt when creating trying to name 2 text field the same. The field code "sg_tutu" is already used by an active field named tutu . Please choose a different field name or send tutu to the trash. [29238]
  • Scrolling note streams w/ floating headers that contain thumbnail now display correctly. [29260]
  • Fix a gap that can happen on some detail page [29269]
  • Fixed footage validation [29282]
  • Fixed floating list header in Tracking Settings. [29294]
  • fixed 'type_is' filters broken for single-typed multi-entity fields [29330]
  • Fix to prevent page hang when adding fields in Media app while in Thumbnail view. [29405]
  • Global quick search will be trigger only if One Character is followed by enter or if 3 characters are entered then the autocomplete search will be trigger on its own. [28993]
  • Correctly placed floating header in global search results. [29318]


6.0.3 (Mon Jun 22, 2015)


  • Improve raising of CRUD server errors to the Python API with human readable messages. [28198]
  • Fixed delete forever error when deleting reversed field from Trash [28944]
  • The navigation widget is working as expected, it does open the List of methods or Deliveries per Method and the Arrows are both greyed out. [29209]
  • FIXED bug when disabling navigation by hierarchy. [29356]
  • FIXED bug when missing a linked entity while navigating by hierarchy [29450]
  • Fix the status icon position in the cell. [29728]
  • Fix the Session expired by ShotgunSession. [29769]
  • When adding a field with a name that duplicates that of an existing retired field, there is a confirmation dialog. [29842]
  • If there is no sort value in Crew Planning, the page will now render properly. [29610]
  • Bug fixed on filter creation [29224]
  • Javascript logging messages is no longer visible in the console in production [29319]