5.1 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce Shotgun 5.1, featuring a simplified way to create and stay up to date on projects, a super fast viewing mode for quickly browsing through the things you're tracking, and a handful of updates to Screening Room. 



Project Overview

The redesigned Project Overview page gives you fast access to all the information you need in one simple, visual view. A big, beautiful billboard image greets people who join the project, while the Activity Stream and Info, People and Media widgets let them catch up on all the recent work. You can also send notes directly from here to have them go out to all the people on the project--great for keeping small teams or early stage productions connected!




Screening Room Updates

We improved Screening Room with a handful of UI updates, features, and bug fixes. You can now stow the panels in the Web Player, and add Versions to a playlist in the timeline.




Screening Room for RV receives three feature updates - session data is no longer cleared out when loading a new version, support for custom fields on your Versions, and, when using the RV Submit Tool, an event is created when a submission succeeds or fails.  This update comes with a new Screening Room for RV package.  Learn more here.


Master Detail View

Browsing the things on your site just got a whole lot faster and easier. We added a new viewing mode to all your pages so you can quickly navigate through the list of things you're tracking, then select one on the left to view its details on the right. You can use this new mode to add notes, create tasks, browse versions, and more.

We heard a lot of feedback when we removed the navigation drop-down menus from Detail Pages. We see Master Detail View as a replacement for that method of navigation and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



Toolbar and Filter Panel Revamp

Throughout Shotgun, we've modernized the look and feel of the toolbars. We’ve cut down on the number of buttons cluttering up your screen and made it adaptive to your view by hiding non-relevant buttons.

The Filter Panel also has a new home - evolving into an overlay window accessible via the Filter button. This change is a two-fold efficiency boost - both to usability and page load times.




5.0 Follow Up

5.0 was a major release for us and introduced many new concepts, ideas, and features. Immediately after release, we got to work with gathering feedback and are offering up a slew of features in response. Included in 5.0 follow up features:

  • Note Muting - Following a Task that has a lot of note chatter? With Note Muting, you can now silence a note. You’ll never hear from that thread again, but will continue to receive other related notifications.

  • Persistent Tab Focus on Detail Pages - Shotgun now remembers the last tab you had in focus while browsing. We’ve also made it easier for Admins to control what their users see by including the ability to save which tab is seen first.

  • Create Version in My Tasks - Get your work into Shotgun faster with a new option in the upper right action menu provides a two-click method to create a new Version.

Other cool stuff

  • Launch Screening Room directly to a Project or Sequence via API.

  • No longer clear sessions when comparing or loading Versions.
  • Fix so that left pane in My Tasks updates when left pane is modified.
  • Enable Screening Room to be launched with an empty timeline to avoid performance issues with large amounts of Versions.
  • Implemented a consolidated project actions menu as part of the project nav.
  • Page Title design updates.
  • Project walkthrough for newly created projects.
  • Improvements to Home page and Welcome page.
  • New 'Other Updates' filter for Inbox that lists Task Creation and Field Changes.
  • Improve the look of the tooltips.
  • Fixed bug with detail page design mode that was inadvertently allowing users to delete the default 'Overview' view.

And some bug fixes

  • Hide Screening Room launch button/menus not visible in the Overlay Player when disabled.
  • Fix to prevent Mark In and Out Points being set to first frame by default.
  • Display warning when Path to Frames is directory only i.e. not the file filename path.
  • Support frameburn-in for greater than 4 digit frame ranges.
  • Zero UI updates when playing back in RV for peak playback performance.
  • Top level 'All Versions' area not displaying correct order of Versions by default.
  • Fix to allow submit tool to succeed when using an older Screening Room Package.
  • Fix for various JavaScript errors relating to the Activity Stream with a retired API user.
  • Version deselection no longer occurs when clicking 'Create Note...' link.
  • Implemented new queueing system for shipping files to Amazon S3 servers.
  • Fix for Bad Request error when opening the Overlay Player.
  • Fixed an issue in the Review Notes app where Notes whose 'Tasks' field was populated but whose 'Entity' field was empty would fail to be linked to their Task.
  • Internal changes to make thumbnail renderer understand URL or ID


5.1.1 (Sat, Jul 6, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug with master detail mode failing to render on pages sorted by a field that no longer exists. [22322]
  • Display long Ticket and Task names more elegantly. [22292]


5.1.2 (Sun, Jul 7, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug affecting new Task, Version, and Publish updates triggering a 'duplicate key error' in the case where these entities' Link value is the same as the Project value. [22329]


5.1.3 (Tues, Jul 9, 2013)


  • Fix for refresh button when viewing changes on entity query tabs. [22312]
  • Fixed a bug preventing 'Duplicate Selected' functionality from working without errors when targeting an entity with a non-null thumbnail. [22331]
  • Fixed a bug with page title widget, causing the 'Rename Page' dialog to get triggered when hovering over blank regions overlapping the widget. [22323]


5.1.4 (Thurs, Jul 11, 2013)


  • Bug fix for file downloads from Amazon S3 using the "Attachment" field on a "Files" page [22363]
  • Fix for potential Unicode error in Global Pages. [22362]
  • Fix to prevent page filters messing up after running a quick filter. [22354]
  • Fixed a bug affecting new Task, Version, and Publish updates triggering a 'duplicate key error' in the case where these entities' Link value is the same as the Project value. [22329]
  • Fix to prevent Master Detail appearing Detail Page tabs when reverting to Global Default. [22324]
  • Script to correct corrupted page filters on 2-pane detail pages [22316]
  • Fixed up/down key navigation bug that was causing master detail mode's left pane to scroll instead of right pane menus that had focus. [22291]
  • Fixed a bug with project filters being injected into detail page tab filters whenever pushing or pulling a project's configuration. [21929]
  • Fix for broken Tags on Department Entities. [21688]


5.1.5 (Fri Jul 12, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug in the filter panel that prevented checked filters from properly being re-applied when toggling through various page-level filters. [22385]
  • Reduced the size of the search input and moved the + button all the way to the left in canvas widget toolbars so that in most 3 and 4-column layouts, the + button is always visible. [22405]
  • Fix for javascript error when saving a Page with old style two pane windows. [22359]


5.1.6 (Tues Jul 16, 2013)


  • Prefs update for Publish File Entity Types. [21457]
  • Updated Manage Apps page to include Pipeline Toolkit on/off switch (new pricing scheme customers only). [22086]
  • Install tab added to Manage Apps page. [22087]
  • Ensured that Pipeline Toolkit/Published File Link entities remains synchronized only with entity types configured to work with Pipeline Toolkit. [22305]
  • Script to correct corrupted page filters on 2-pane detail pages [22316]
  • Ensured that global follow settings for Pipeline Toolkit-enabled entities bubble properly as soon as entities are enabled and/or configured to work with Pipeline Toolkit. [22327]
  • Fixed a bug with the 5.1 migration that removed the filter panel's 'Page Filters' section from task mode filters. [22379]
  • Fixed a permissions issue that was not enforcing project-level permissions restrictions on viewing thumbnails and filmstrip thumbnails. [22425]
  • Fix for Search box not appearing in Firefox on Windows. [22440]


5.1.7 (Wed Jul 17, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing new file publishes from bubbling up to shot/asset activity stream updates on sites that had never had Tank enabled. [22461]
  • Tabs have been restored to a more accessible location on Entity pages. [22459]
  • Fixed a display issue affecting Firefox only with respect to page titles obscuring the favorite icon on global pages. [22333]


5.1.8 (Wed Jul 31, 2013)


  • Update Project duration field to return integer instead of string [20958]
  • Fix for API summarize method returning integer values on float fields. Now returns float values. [21542]
  • Fix to prevent Notes App crashing when publishing more than 200 Notes. [22310]
  • Remove duplicated Legacy Prefs in Site Preferences. [22400]


5.1.9 (Fri Aug 02, 2013)


  • Fix for Phase bars rendering on top of each other in Crew Planning and Project Timeline. [19868]
  • Fix to prevent all Project Pages appearing on the Admin menu when the Template Project was archived. [21881]
  • Tank references renamed to Pipeline Toolkit in Site Preferences. [22376]
  • ActionMenuItem not executing from the Projects Actions menu has been resolved. [22415]
  • Fix for broken urls for query fields. [22531]
  • Crew Planning, Project Timeline and Gantt charts are now rendered at a higher resolution on Retina displays. [22582]


5.1.10 (Tue Aug 13, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug with the new project creation form that was, in some cases, allowing project creation to occur without specifying a 'Layout Project' field value. [22498]
  • Implemented thumbnail url security improvements. [22426]
  • Fix for multiple sort orders in Advanced Grouping. [13211]
  • Fix for truncated csv files that contain unicode characters on export. [22187]
  • Ensured that the API returns time-sensitive URL's for images not yet shipped to Amazon S3 servers. The expiry on all api-generated thumbnails is configurable via Site Preferences. [18602]
  • Added support for configuring whether or not to enforce ssl for Shotgun-served URLs. Note, this does not apply to files shipped to Amazon S3 servers (all of those files will be served over https). [22648]
  • Fix for Unicode characters in the legacy XML-RPC API [22669]
  • Stack traces no longer shown in error messages. [22433]
  • Fix to prevent dimmed entity buttons working when logged in as an Artist. [22597]


5.1.11 (Tue Aug 20, 2013)


  • Task Name filter logic has been fixed to be 'is' rather than 'contains'. [19772]
  • Fixed a bug that allowed list fields to be created without validating against no configured list options. [19834]
  • Fixed a bug with arrow-key navigation being absorbed my master detail's left pane in cases where multi-line textareas had focus on top of a master detail content pane. [22452]
  • Added support for dockable filter panels - available in full page entity query pages only. Dockable setting is a per-user page setting that persists across page modes and sessions. [22458]
  • In some instances the project menu would not show the pages for a given project. [22684]
  • Updated urls for Toolkit help and documentation from the Manage Apps screen. [22699]


5.1.12 (Wed Aug 28, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly presenting users with server errors when requesting files that they did not have permissions to see. This fix ensures that a permissions error is served. [22670]
  • Fix for artists creating entities with task templates when they have limited editing permissions on tasks [22811]
  • Fixed a bug with the API that prevented setting a split task's duration to a value <= the shortest split segment. This fix ensures that when this is done, all task splits will be wiped out - resulting in an unsplit task. [19788]
  • Fixed a bug in the review notes app that was causing widgets to fail rendering if their layouts contained references to deleted fields. [22723]
  • Fixed bug that was preventing url tabs from rendering on detail pages. [22727]
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the Edit Selected dialog to render properly when launched from a page with expanded pipeline step columns containing a bubbled query field. [22602]
  • Fixed a bug with rendering thumbnails inside of closed groups without applying the images' native aspect ratio until the next refresh. [20965]
  • Fix hosted links that remain after closing multi Version creation dialog. [20710]
  • Fixed a bug with the exporter mishandling floating date values on export (eg: Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow). The fix ensures that such tokens are converted to literal date strings. [20353]
  • Fixed a bug with the importer failing to strip column headers of whitespace. This ensures that column mapping at step 2 ignores trailing and leading whitespaces that may have been inadvertently injected. [21576]


5.1.13 (Sun Sept 7, 2013)


  • Security enhancements based on feedback from application security audit by Bishop Fox [22819]
  • Fixed a bug that was suppressing user-defined action menu items launching properly from detail pages. [22839]
  • Fixed a bug with task template tasks generating inbox updates. [22830]
  • Fixed a bug with the importer mishandling single-entity field values if those values contained whitespaces. [22818]
  • Fixed a bug with thumbnail code that was having an indirect impact on rendering updates on retired entities in the inbox. [22814]


5.1.14 (Sun Sep 08, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug with accessing the API via XML-RPC [ ]


5.1.15 (Sun Sep 08, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug that prevented access to Screening Room in RV [ ]


5.1.16 (Sun Sep 08, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug with saving pages in canvas design mode [ ]


5.1.17 (Wed Sep 11, 2013)


  • Fix for Importing projects to support Layout Template field. [16788]
  • Fix for "View in Timeline" after submitting a new Version from RV [22073]
  • Fix for a security issue blocking the login page in Screening Room for RV. [22935]
  • Fix to escape trailing backslashes for Path To Frames on Windows. [22947]


5.1.18 (Fri Sep 13, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug with the Manage Pages link click target in the Pages menu. [17788]
  • Additional error handling for the Email Notifier. [21969]
  • Fixed a regression in the account settings user thumbnail that prevented the thumbnail image from launching on double-click. [22634]
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a js error when accessing Action Menu Item from the project pages menu. [22860]
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly populating the entities dropdown with Action Menu Item in cases that were inappropriate (eg: Thumbnail canvas widgets). [22864]
  • Security improvements to sessions ID's. [22948]
  • Security fix to make temporary passwords more secure. [22949]


5.1.19 (Wed Sep 18, 2013)


  • Fix for Ctrl + Click to show Screening Room context menu in Timeline View. [17198]
  • Fix for Notes created from Overview activity stream detail on Versions not getting correctly addressed and linked. [21915]
  • When deleting password in Set Password dialogue, the page briefly hung. This is now resolved. [21985]
  • Fixed an intermittent issue of flashing thumbnails in Screening Room, when the thumbnails were served from Amazon servers. [22767]
  • Memory usage reduction in the Screening Room Web App. [22768]
  • Fixed a usability issue with Screening Room's playback head not snapping to frames during scrubbing. [22769]
  • Fix to make sure right clicking in Timeline View shows the Screening Room context menu. [22770]
  • Added the ability to specify a cache size of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 items and to disable the cache entirely. [22780]
  • Fixed a bug with task template task audit fields not being set properly. [23003]


5.1.20 (Mon Sep 30, 2013)


  • Fix to allow uploads of files larger than 2gb. [8793]
  • Fixed a url redirection issue having to do with email links contained in email notifications. [15218]
  • Allow admins to configure the Info tab that appears on stream detail pages. [21863]
  • Fix to prevent a hang if sorting on Sequence field in Master Detail view and the Sequence entity gets retired. [22820]
  • Fix to prevent "Fix and Save" message erroneously pops up on focus window Save Layout with Quick Filter active. [23008]
  • Security fix for Screening Room login for RV. [23046]


5.1.21 (Thu Oct 03, 2013)


  • Fix for Phase bars rendering on top of each other in Crew Planning and Project Timeline. [19868]
  • Warning Banner for non-functional Annotation Tools in Safari. [22969]
  • Fixed a recent regression that was preventing default detail page layout page links from loading, when launched from detail page menu items. [23034]
  • Ensured that % field summaries always appear with 2-place rounding, and that number field summaries appear with 2-place rounding when the configured summary operator is 'Average'. [23042]
  • Fixed bug preventing 'Notes' tabs from being added to activity stream detail pages. [23112]


5.1.22 (Wed Oct 09, 2013)


  • Added support for CMD/CTRL+Clicking admin menu items so that links launch in a new browser tab. [15188]
  • Added 2 new advanced permissions: Manage Project Navigation Bar, and Save Navigation Pages and Detail Pages. The first one controls whether or not users can configure project-level navigation bars. The second controls whether or not users can modify project landing pages for configured project-nav entity bricks. [19412]
  • Allow adding or removing people as followers to Entities via the API along with returning a list Followers. [20562]
  • Restored the ability to save detail pages as the global default, and to revert to the global default. [21707]
  • Allow admins to add saved filters to the Filter Panel in My Tasks. [21860]
  • Fixed a security issue that was affecting how dialogs would handle session expiration. [22958]
  • Fix for blank annotations when devicePixelRatio is not a whole number. [23172]


5.1.23 (Wed Oct 23, 2013)


  • Fix for an issue where mouse focus would remain in a grid cell when double clicking the pencil icon. [1482]
  • Fix to prevent a javascript error when using double quotes in User firstname or lastname field. [9797]
  • Added support for admins to configure their own default View for detail pages. [23084]
  • Global default detail page links didn't take you to the correct detail page. [23201]
  • Fix for thumbnails to display without having to refresh the page. [23258]


5.1.24 (Wed Oct 30, 2013)


  • Tasks in TaskTemplates shouldn't have UUIDs which hamper task creation when being applied. [23345]


5.1.25 (Wed Oct 30, 2013)


  • Optimizations for Screening Room queries. [23296]


5.1.26 (Wed Nov 13, 2013)


  • Infrastructure update


5.1.27 (Mon Dec 02, 2013)


  • Fix to stop upper pane on Detail Page re-rendering when changing the Status. [23746]
  • Fixed a bug with the task dependency violations focus window improperly showing all tasks in a project, rather than just the tasks that have violations. [20980]
  • Display as many tabs in the Detail Page as possible. [23205]
  • Fix to make sure long Status menus are not truncated in the Master Detail view. [23530]
  • Fix for broken Help links in Inbox and My Tasks. [23567]
  • Fixes and design refinements for the upper pane area. [23638]
  • Show Task link detail in My Tasks pref is now in the Advanced preference section. [23705]
  • Fix to stop Retired users preventing Template Task from being Retired. [23741]
  • 'Cached Display Name' has been removed from the permissions UI. [23743]
  • Fix to prevent video overlay of playable thumbnail rendering fullscreen. [23755]
  • 5.2 Coming Soon Banners added. [23763]


5.1.28 (Wed Dec 4, 2013)


  • Optimize the query used by the Media widget on Project Overview pages. [23720]


5.1.29 (Wed Dec 11, 2013)


  • Fixed a bug with the New Project creation form that suppressed the project name input from the simple version of the form. [23808]
  • Fix to make sure retired users don't receive Follow and Inbox updates. [21944]
  • Fix to make sure that text labels in 'Configure Fields' window get truncated gracefully. [23828]
  • Fix so that the User thumbnail in My Tasks updates when Following/Unfollowing an Entity. [23745]


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