3.2 Release Notes (Production)

Release Date: Sunday, Feb 19, 2012
Status: Production Ready

We are very pleased to announce Shotgun v3.2.  Updates include a completely overhauled Notes App v2, an update to Note addressing that shows you who a Note is going to before sending, and loads of polish, refinements, optimizations and fixes.  Here's a quick overview of what's new:

Notes App v2 - Tuned to handle the heat in the screening room

The Notes App is designed to make it easy and fast to take notes in review sessions while quickly accessing more information about any Version being reviewed.  In this release, we added a handful of major new features and completely redesigned the right pane to address common client requests.  Here's a quick look:




 1   Customize what fields are displayed next to each Version's Thumbnail.

 2   See who each Note is going to go to, click to edit.

 3   New Version summary bar.  Click to expand, and add custom sets of fields for both the Version and the Artist.

 4   Completely redesigned widgets for Related Versions (pictured), Related Notes, and Related Tasks.  In particular, the Related Versions now show more information per Version, allow you to display related Notes, and contain filer, sort, and grouping options.  The Related Notes widget was similarly updated to supporting grouping by Version, so you can see which Notes belong to which Versions.

 5   Expanded options in the toolbars, including filtering, grouping, sorting, configuring what fields are on the page.

 6   Access and create custom layouts, allowing you to design specific views for different types of review sessions.


Notes App Summary Email

We also added an option on the publish page that allows you to send a summary email of all the Notes taken in the review session.  You can send this email to any Person or Group in Shotgun, or to any external email address.



Enhanced Note addressing - see recipients before sending

Anywhere you create a Note, you will now see the People and Groups that will receive it based on Task assignments.  Missing someone?  Just click that Cc link below to add them to the Note.



Other Updates

  • Feet + frames field, targeted for animation studios that track durations this way.
  • A new "Today" button in the gantt tool to jump you to, well, today!
  • New advanced permission to hide the Global Navigation Bar, which is a great way to simplify the UI for Clients.
  • API support for Work Day Rules.
  • Recently we updated the thumbnails on Versions to show their parent Shot or Asset thumbnail if one didn't exist on the Version.  This caused confusion in some cases, so we've now made that a preference that an admin can enable if desired.


3.2 has been released to all hosted clients Saturday night pacific time.  All internally hosted clients can email support@shotgunsoftware.com to request an upgrade.


We hope you enjoy the updates!


The Shotgunners



3.2.1 (Sat Feb 25, 2012)


  • Fixed a bug due to improper preloading of display columns causing the Shotgun trigger framework to report CRUD errors when certain scripts were run against event logs. [16475]
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.2.0 that was causing the filter panel to break when toggling from schedule mode to list mode, then attempting to add pipeline step filters in list mode. [16652]
  • Fixed bug with entity association preloading which was causing some inconsistencies with entity system names - particularly for HumanUser in the api. [16654]
  • Fixed a bug with the notes app's summary email widget that was not sending summary emails if only 1 of the To and Cc fields were filled out. Now, summary emails are sent to recipients even if only 1 recipient is specified in only 1 addressing field. [16622]
  • Added a migration that ensures that the 'Enable Filmstrip' preference is on by default. This allows thumbnail fields to display a filmstrip image file when hovered over. Note that the filmstrip feature is only available via the API. For example, sg.upload_filmstrip_thumbnail("Version", 18, "strip2.png"). [16612]


3.2.2 (Mon Feb 27, 2012)


  • Fixed a bug with the 'Add Note to selected Version' keyboard shortcut that was causing data loss of adjacent notes. [14803]
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the notes app and data loss related to pending asyncrhonous events taking place while some other functionality or interaction was taking place within a child widget of the notes app. [16639] Examples include:
    - Adding or removing a version during a pending auto-save
    - Removing a version while inside of an expanded note draft
    - Adding a display field or sorting by a field while new note drafts were being rendered
    - Using shortcut keys to add a note to a selected version while that same version had unsaved note copy in a different note draft
    - Expanding a note draft's widget and modifying its addressings field before the server returned a positive id 
  • Fixed a bug with note addressings recipients copy in the notes app for newly loaded playlists. [16615]


3.2.3 (Wed Feb 29, 2012)


  • Fixed a bug with 'Send Note Now' when used on a note draft with an expanded addressings widget inside the notes app. [16630]


3.2.4 (Sat Mar 3, 2012)

Miscellaneous backend fixes, unrelated to core Shotgun functionality.


3.2.5 (Sat Feb 25, 2012)


  • Fixed a bug with the filter panel where quick filter text was not persisting in the text input. [16731]
  • Fixed a bug with the project nav's 'Pages' menu that was causing the 'All Projects' section to remain blank when on hashtag detail page URL's visited to from a page with no top-level project association. [16512]
  • Fixed a bug with note detail pages freezing up because of an inability to render nil value names of attachments in the pivot fields widget. [16643]
  • Fixed a bug with entity field values displaying retired entities as 'null'. Now, retired entities are not displayed in these fields. [16813]
  • Fixed a bug with the note form's task addressings widget that was miscalculating the All Tasks status summary. Now, the summaries inside this widget match the summaries you'd see on a grid page of the corresponding tasks. [16620]
  • Fixed a bug with the year headers in gantt view being off by 1 year when the 'Today' button was clicked. [13668]


3.2.6 (Sat Mar 17, 2012)


  • Fixed a bug with notes app summary emails improperly handling To: addressings when targeted to Groups. Prior to the fix, only the sender of the summary email received the notification. Now, all members of addressed groups will receive the summary, regardless of their specific notification options. [16904]
  • Fixed a bug with menu click targets being restricted to areas in which text appears in the Projects > Project > Other entity types menu. Now, the entire highlighted region is clickable. [16256]
  • Fixed a bug with the notes app where the sort order applied on the 1st (note-taking) screen did not always match the displayed sort order of the 2nd (publish) screen and subsequently generated summary email. Now, all screens match, and a numeric sort order is always applied to the playlist exactly as the versions appear on screen. [16716]


3.2.7 (Sat Mar 24, 2012)


  • Fixed an inconsistency with logins and LDAP authentication related to trailing whitespace on login names. Prior to this fix, usernames with trailing whitespaces weren't stripped of that whitespace by Shotgun, before being handed off to an LDAP server. In the case of a successful login, Shotgun would send the exact username, along with the whitespace, which resulted in an error. Now, Shotgun always strips whitespaces from login names before handing off to LDAP. [16108]
  • Fixed a bug with the notes app and crud batching that was causing - in rare cases - data loss when several fields were added to the left pane display in short order, quickly followed by rapid note taking. [16998]


3.2.8 (Sat Mar 31, 2012)


  • Fixed bug with non-disappearing scrollbars in projects and pages menus - only affecting users on Chrome beta browser. [16815]
  • Fixed a bug that was resulting in an API error when trying to set a pagesetting's settings_json field to None. This fix also addresses the problem of the API returning None values (incorrectly) on the settings_json field because it wasn't finding the field. [16822]
  • Fixed a display issue with notes app summary emails that was causing very long version names to bleed into the notes area. Now, long names are either cropped or wordwrapped. [17027]


  • 0
    Sasha Korellis

    Great improvement!

    I hope in the next release you can add the attach file feature within the notes app.  This way all the leads can weigh in, add their annotated notes then the Director/Producer can consolidate the final notes to the artist.

    It so close.....





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    Don Parker

    Hi Sasha, we talked through adding file attachments in the notes app this release, but we had to cut it to make the release date (I hate cutting features!).  I'll bump that feature ticket over here so we talk through.   Question - do we need to provide that in the main notes app view, or just on the preview/publish page?

  • 0
    Sasha Korellis

    Thanks Don. I did mention this to Rebecca last week too.

    I'm unclear on how to answer your questions so let me just tell you how we

    would use it in our current workflow.

    I create the Review of the latest and I send the link to the Director, CG

    Sup and Production Designer plus the relevant Leads. ( It also would be

    super cool to be able to send a notification through SG to alert the group

    that there is a Review ready).

    Since we are all working virtually and in different time zones, I am asking

    the Leads to add there notes via the Notes App. Then the director reviews

    everyone's notes and compiles a Final Director's Notes that goes back to

    the artist. This way the artist only has to deal with one set and it's

    organized by priority. Some of the Leads like the Production Designer need

    to add draw-overs to illustrate the notes. So we want to be able to attach

    them in the app note for the director to review first so he can

    add/delete. Currently we can only do that by adding a note that then will

    go directly to the artist which causes confusion or we have to do it

    outside SG which creates organization issues.

    Maybe with the new features there is a work around. We'll do some testing


    I hope this helps and thanks for listening.


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