[Complete] All Hosted Sites: 5.1.1 Upgrade on Sun, July 07 @ 5:00AM UTC

Status:  Complete

Affected Sites:  All Hosted Sites

5.1 is coming!  We will be pushing our newest version of Shotgun to all hosted sites on Sunday, July 07 at 5:00AM UTC.  Site downtime is estimated at 5-15 minutes in duration, dependent on the number of saved pages per site.  We hope you all enjoy the new version, and thanks again for your patience during the upgrade.

05:37AM UTC - We've detected an issue in our deployment sequence that may cause some extended downtime this morning.  Although we cannot interrupt the upgrade currently in progress with a fix, we will work towards preventing this from happening the next time we have a major upgrade.
07:02AM UTC - All sites upgraded to v5.1.1.  We're really sorry again about the extended downtime that occurred this evening, and we'll ensure that doesn't happen again the next time we do a similar upgrade.