Screening Room for RV 1.35 Details

With 5.1, Screening Room for RV receives a handful of power user features that are worth highlighting in more detail.  Please note - in order to access these features - you'll need to install the latest Screening Room for RV package found here.


Session Data Preserved When Loading New Version

Previously, whenever you loaded a new version in Screening Room for RV, the RV session data was blown away.  With 5.1, we've changed a couple things to prevent the session reset.  First, we are no longer using the default session.  Instead, we're loading media into a new sequence called Screening Room Sequence.  When loading a new version, the source is removed from the sequence and retained in the Cache Sources folder.


If you've built tools around Screening Room for RV, moving the sequence data into a new sequence could potentially cause some issues if you're relying on the Default Sequence.  Updating your tweaks to the Screening Room Sequence should resolve any issues.



Access to Version-level Custom Fields for Loading Additional Media/Cross Site

For those working in a pipeline with multiple locations or with multiple flavors of media, you can now define the path to the media on the Version and load it in Screening Room for RV.

One caveat about this feature - the Playable in Screening Room for RV page filter are not aware of the custom fields - only the default Path to Frames field.  If Path to Frames is populated and Site B Path to Frames isn't, the filter will still report the version as playable.


Step 1 - Add Version Level Fields

Add the desired fields to the Version entity.  In this case, we're setting up a different network path to movie files at Site B.  So, I've created the following fields:

  • Site B Path to Movie - sg_siteb_path_to_movie
  • Site B Movie Aspect Ratio - sg_siteb_movie_aspect_ratio
  • Site B Movie Has Slate - sg_siteb_movie_has_slate


Step 2 - Edit Your Config File

Load up your file in your favorite text editor and add the custom fields into the Media Types section.  It should look something like the image below.  When done editing, save the file.



Step 3 -  Changing Your View in Screening Room for RV

Now that you've created the fields and told RV and Screening Room where to find media, you can access those fields via the Shotgun menu.  To load the custom path for the current clip, select Current Source Only > SiteB.  It'll look like this:


To force Screening Room for RV to always open the custom path, select Preferences > SiteB.  It'll look like this:




RV Submit Tool - Success/Failed Events When Submitting Version

For those RV Submit Tool users, we've added success and failed events when submitting a Version at all steps.  At the completion of a step - Upload Movie, for example - a success event (called sg-submission-complete) will be generated.  Alternately, if a step fails, a failed event (called sg-submission-error) will be created.  This should help those of you doing custom transcoding or those that integrate further with the RV Submit Tool.

You can test this by turning on debug logging for the Screening Room package and watching the RV console for the message "Emitted sg-submission-complete" or similar message.



Notable Bug Fix - Versions Pointing to Directory

Despite access to loading directories not being supported supported at this time, if you created a Version where the Path to Frames field pointed to a directory, the directory would attempt to load, but resulted in an unresponsive UI.  With this package update, Versions that point to a directory will no longer load and display a tooltip explaining why.


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