Upgrading to 5.0

5.0 is a major release for Shotgun and - based on your feedback - we’ll be rolling it out to hosted sites over the course of three weekends - 5/19, 5/26, or 6/2.  Site Admins can contact Support to schedule their site for an upgrade weekend.



Please be aware - 5.0 is currently in the early stage of release. So, what does this mean?


As with every Shotgun release, this release has been through our QA process, but it's always a possibility that something may pop up that will require a patch to resolve. We'll turn around any issue that arises as quickly as possible, and therefore, there could be multiple patch releases in the weeks to come.


This message isn't meant to scare you away from upgrading, but is more of a heads-up, that should your tolerance for updates be minimal, it may be best to opt for the 6/2 upgrade weekend.


Once you've decided on an upgrade weekend, Admins can message Support with by the Thursday (5PM PDT) before your preferred weekend and we’ll add your site to the upgrade queue.  Any hosted sites not upgraded by June 1st, 2013 will be automatically upgraded that weekend.

Locally installed clients can request an upgrade for their site via the standard Support process.  Be aware - locally installed clients must run the 5.0 release on their Staging server prior to deploying to Production.  For tips on preparing your server for 5.0, head on over the Prepping Your Server for Shotgun 5.0+ article.

Learn more about Shotgun 5.0 in our Release Notes here.



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