New package required for Screening Room for RV to work with 4.3.2 release

Hello Shotgun clients, this is a message to all of you who are using Screening Room (Shotgun's built-in review & approval tool) integrated with the RV player from Tweak software.  The good news is that there were a couple of Screening Room improvements included in the recent 4.3.2 Shotgun patch release.  From the release notes:

  • Fix to make sure Detail Pane updates even if Cut points are outside of Shot range in Screening Room. [20023]
  • Support for custom Path To Movie and Path To Frames fields. [20166]

The bad news is, these updates necessitated a new Screening Room RV package file to be installed in order for Screening Room for RV to continue to function without errors, and we failed to give you a heads up about this before the release.  And this wasn't the first time we've done this to you.  We are truly sorry for those of you who were inconvenienced by this.  We know what it's like to start a Dailies session with having to troubleshoot a software error, and it's no fun at all.  Mea culpa.  Again.

There's no excuse for this, so we won't offer any.  Suffice it to say that we are taking this very seriously, and will do everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen again.  We have prioritized development of a built-in notification to let you know when a new package is available.  We know how valuable Screening Room has become to many of your workflows in the short time since we released it, and that interruptions like this, however easily solved, are just as easily avoidable with a little added diligence and communication on our end.  We will do better.

In case anyone has not encountered the issue yet, or has seen it but hasn't gotten around to pinging support, here is the error you will see if you are still using an old Screening Room RV package with the new Shotgun 4.3.2 release:

> runtime.eval, line 1, char 35: syntax error 
> ERROR: remote-eval: exception: "syntax error" 
> ERROR: remote-eval: 'shotgun_review_app.mediaFieldNames()'

Note that Screening Room will still function properly despite the error message, but it is nonetheless an unneeded distraction.

Here is the link to download the new package file that will resolve the error and support the new features in this patch:

Thanks very much for your patience, and for your continued support of Shotgun.


The Shotgun Crew



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    Johannes Hezer

    Did this update change the capability to have environment variables in pathnames ?

    Like $ENVVAR/test/mypicture.jpg ?

    I thought this worked last week.... 


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