7.6 Release Notes

Shotgun continues to get easier and faster. With Shotgun 7.6, you can consolidate your data, retire your information more smoothly, and edit your projects from one page.

Production Insights

Production insights examples

Visualizing production data in Shotgun is simpler and more powerful. With the updated graph widget, you can filter information to easily see how resources are used, and plan ahead for deadlines and budgets.

New graph types include pie, vertical, and line charts, in addition to the existing horizontal bar chart. You can also group your data and organize data by color, to see even more detail.

Data retirement

Retiring entities, especially ones linked to many data points in Shotgun (such as a project), is faster than ever. Before, deleting entities, like an Asset with lots of Versions or a project with lots of Shots and Assets, often led to performance issues and long wait times. Now, retiring projects—even ones with thousands of data points—can be done in a fraction of the time.

Projects page

Projects change status

Projects are even easier to edit from the Projects page. Now you can change the status directly from the page, and filter for templates.

Project templates in menu

Additional features/polish

  • Unread messages in the inbox are now cached, to optimize performance. [45157]
  • The page beneath the new project creation form no longer scrolls when you scroll in the form. [45291]

Fixed bugs

  • Exporting Pipeline Step columns with query fields resulted in redundant calculations. This fix eliminates redundancies. [45476]
  • In some cases, when making a election from a long list in detail view, the left pane would unexpectedly scroll back to the top. This fix ensures users can easily click between different items without having to re-scroll to where they were each time. [23988]
  • Queries in the Review Notes App on sites with large amounts of data were slow. This fix improves performance. [36486]
  • When Shotgun Review is disabled, launching Playlists in RV was broken. This fix ensures RV loads the Versions in the Playlist. [40590]
  • In the project creation form, new projects could be accidentally cancelled if it took a while for the form to load. This fix displays any delays when advancing in the project creation form. [45294]
  • Building query conditions comparing a timecode field to a null value resulted in unexpected results. This comparison now works correctly in all contexts. [45729] (Tues Jan 23, 2018)


  • Certain email notifications from the Client Review Site were not working. This fix generates all email notifications as expected. [45674]
  • Missing data on a Version would cause the email notifier to hang in some cases. This fix ensures all emails are sent out. [46241]
  • Exporting query fields in Pipeline Step columns resulted in data being displayed in the wrong order. This fix ensures data is exported correctly. [46327] (Tues Jan 16, 2018)


  • After the release, multiple Task creates in an API failed. This fix ensures that API batch creates on Tasks will not fail. [46122] (Wed Dec 20, 2017)


  • On pages using the list view, the dialog displaying a field’s history displayed the title with HTML code. This fix displays only text in the title. [45925]
    Field history title
  • Retiring a Tag on an entity, such as an Asset, made the other Tags on that entity uneditable. This fix ensures remaining tags stay editable. [45979]
  • In the Shotgun API, the batch() method returned dates as strings, instead of as Python datetime objects. This fix ensures dates are returned correctly. [46022]
  • In certain circumstances, the Gantt Chart displayed the wrong month when scrolling between months. This fix correctly renders the views in the Gantt Chart. [46036]