Major Downtime - Database Maintenance

On Saturday December 30th, we will proceed with a major upgrade of our database servers. During that time, all hosted sites will be in maintenance. This maintenance is mandatory and non-negotiable for all sites.

Maintenance Window

Saturday December 30th

5 AM PST to 17 PM PST (12 hrs)

Expected Downtime 5 AM PST to 11 AM PST (6 hrs)



Why are we proceeding with this change?

  • Upgrading our database will allow us to benefit from the latest performance improvement.
  • This upgrade will allow us to reduce future downtime required by database maintenance.

Is there anything I must do in regard to this maintenance?

While not required, it’s better that you stop your automation scripts prior to the maintenance. Nothing else is required on your side.

After the maintenance, Shotgun should be functional again as before, without any changes required for your scripts, tools, and Shotgun pages.

Where can I follow the progress of the operation?

You can follow the operation on our Status Page at



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