7.5 Release Notes

Shotgun 7.5 is all about making Shotgun easier, more secure, and faster. An updated Projects page gives you more control over how your work is organized, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your site, and upgrades to our systems accelerate Shotgun’s performance.

Easier to use

We’ve received a lot of great input from our clients since the release of the new Projects page. Based on that feedback we’ve made a number of improvements to help you navigate and manage your projects more effectively.

  1. You can now group projects together and filter them by status.
  2. The “Recents” section shows the four most recently visited projects. These projects appear at the top of the Projects page and the Projects global menu.
  3. The My Projects section now includes any projects you’ve favorited, as well as any projects you are involved with. These projects appear below your recent Projects.

Projects menu

Additionally, we’ve revamped the project form to have the same look and feel as the Projects page. As an Admin you can easily add custom fields to your project form.

Project form

Increased protection

Your content is even more secure, now that Shotgun officially supports two-factor authentication. This feature is available to everyone, no matter if you’re on Awesome or Super Awesome support.

Two factor authentication

Currently, you can choose between Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile to help protect your site.

Faster performance

We’ve upgraded our systems to Ruby 2.3.5 and Optimized JSON (Oj), so Shotgun is faster than ever.

Additionally we have optimized how Shotgun reads values in entity fields—which speeds up sites with large amounts of data.

Additional features/polish

  • Admins can now merge Tags on the Tags page. [42170]
  • Duration fields now accept negative values. [7115]
  • ID fields can now be edited in the importer, regardless of a user’s permissions. [10435]
  • Admins can now access the API People Permissions page in the Shotgun API, and they can easily access the page in Shotgun via the Admin menu, under Permissions - People. [13950]
    People permissions
  • Media can now be restricted on a per project basis via IP addresses, for those on Super Awesome support. [43261]

Fixed bugs

  • Newly created conditional formatting rules required a page refresh to take effect. This fix updates pages to reflect new conditional formatting rules right away. [44722]
  • In the Filter Panel, any long lists with the “show more” option did not display properly. This fix ensures filters with a long list of options renders correctly. [44507]
  • The same query field displayed on different tabs on the same page would only properly render on the first tab. This fix ensures the query field properly returns results in all instances. [44978]
  • In the percentage field, any number greater than or equal to 1000 displayed as “NaN%.” This fix displays percentages correctly, regardless of the number. [44147]
  • On a page where an entity has a field to a connection entity, the page fails to load and there is an error message. This fix loads pages without an error message. [45089]
  • Unsupported browsers, such as Internet Explorer, were no longer displaying warnings on Shotgun login pages. This fix shows an error message for unsupported browsers. [31066]
  • In the Review Notes app, tabbing through Notes caused fields to hang, or stay onscreen. This fix allows tabbing through Notes without any hanging. [43675]
  • When uploading multiple Versions in Screening Room for RV and then annotating frames on one Version, the frame number would display the frame count of all Versions. This fix shows only the recorded frame number for annotations relative to the Version on which the annotation was created. [33515]
  • In Screening Room for RV, the overlay frame number was sometimes incorrect and the incorrect frames were sometimes used for annotation. This fix displays the correct frame number and uses the correct frames for annotation. [44762]
  • Passing a nil value to the Task.task_template field via the API generated an error when it should not have. This fix ensures errors are no longer incorrectly generated. [44758] (Tues Nov 28, 2017)


  • Added directions to setting up Duo Mobile in two-factor authentication. [45277]


  • Improved performance for loading “has many” entity fields. [45725]


  • The projects page did not load completely when any projects had a status with non-ASCII characters in it. This fix ensures the projects page always fully loads. [45620]
  • Projects with long names sometimes wrapped around mid-word. This fix ensures long project names that have to wrap are easy to read. [45501]
  • Saving a project template resulted in incorrect formatting in the information bar. This fix keeps the information bar intact. [45176]
  • Invalid values could be added to a field on the project creation form and result in an error when submitting the form. This fix ensures the form can only be submitted if all fields have valid entries. [45228]
  • The date-picker in the project creation form was not displayed properly. This fix renders the field correctly. [45180]
  • On replies to Notes, the “Fields” and “Cancel” buttons were missing. This fix ensures the buttons are always visible. [45559]
  • Creating formatting rules with linked fields resulted in an error where the dialog for formatting rules just said “Loading…”. This fix ensures conditional page formatting with linked fields works correctly. [45415]
  • When two-factor authentication was enabled, the invitation link to join Shotgun did not always work. This fix ensures the link can always be accessed. [45284]
  • The “forgot login” option was still visible even when two-factor authentication was enabled and the site preference invite link was off. This fix ensures the preference works correctly. [29749] (Tues Nov 14, 2017)


  • Unnecessary autocompletes have been disabled to provide smoother functionality in the updated project form. [45383] [45242]
  • Improved security for Client Notes. [35865]


  • Field data type conversion has been optimized. [45599]


  • Conditional formatting rules with decimal values in their conditions could result in an error. This fix ensures all conditional formatting rules display correctly. [45427]
  • For duration fields, the Filter Panel did not compute the lower bound of the slider correctly, and filtering on negative values didn’t work. This fix ensures that the Filter Panel supports all possible duration values. [45166]
  • The Filter Panel displayed some relative date values, such as “Today,” as incorrect UTC absolute dates. This fix ensures relative date display in the Filter Panel. [45445]
  • Deleting all Tasks from a Tasks page resulted in an error. This fix ensures Tasks can be deleted. [19073]
  • Enabling Tasks on a newly enabled custom entity resulted in an error. This fix ensures Tasks on a newly enabled custom entity work properly. [45087]
  • Modifying the storage location for uploaded files resulted in an error. This fix allows storage locations to be updated. [45470]
  • The preference to test access to storage locations did not work. This fix ensures the test runs. [45525]
  • In the Shotgun API, event log entries generated by ApiUser’s did not have the correct script name in the event’s description field. This fix displays user names in the event logs. [45172]
  • In the Shotgun API, using the thumbnail based on query, the filmstrip_image field returned ‘None.’ This fix returns the correct URL. [45355] (Wed Nov 1, 2017)


  • After the release, adjusting the zoom slider on a Task page with a Gantt chart resulted in the Gantt disappearing. This fix ensures the Gantt always properly displays. [45446]