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Updated: 2017/12/4

Shotgun Leaning is a new training initiative at Shotgun—focused on getting helpful and valuable information to our users and the community as quickly as possible. We plan to iterate existing content and cover new topics over time, so be sure to follow this article by clicking Follow Updates below (just above the comments) to be notified when new or updated content is available.

This Developer Training series focuses on what you need to know as a developer using Shotgun. Topics include things like “How do I write scripts and build tools for Shotgun?” and “How do I integrate my existing workflows with Shotgun?”

Developer Training Course Playlist 


Developer Training Videos 

1: A developer's intro to Shotgun (19m)

Answering What is Shotgun? with an overview of basic Shotgun concepts, ecosystem, and how they relate to a developer.



2: The Web GUI (24m)

A closer look at the Shotgun web GUI with a priority on things a developer would want to know about. Topics covered include an overview of entities, workflows, and permissions.


0:05 - Intro
0:46 - Entity types
8:41 - Everything is an entity
16:22 - Custom entities
20:51 - Entity-specific workflows
22:21 - Permissions

3: Resources (9m)

Stuck on a problem or task? You’re not on your own! In this video, we cover where to find help from our support site, the community, and Street Team.


0:05 - Intro
1:20 - Shotgun Developer Hub
1:35 - Platforms
4:28 - The Shotgun community
6:49 - Get support from us!


4: Basics of the Shotgun API (7m)

There are several ways developers interact with Shotgun through the Shotgun Python API. It's important to have easy access to that API in a Python console so you can test commands while you are learning or building tools for Shotgun.



5: Interacting with the Shotgun API and CRUD (9m)

The Shotgun Python API contains several sets of methods—this video focuses on the most useful methods in the CRUD set. Learn how to create a Shot in Shotgun, find an existing Shot and its details, update a Shot, and delete a Shot, all from the API.



6: Script keys and automation (9m)

This video looks at the Script entity in Shotgun and how a Script entity’s Application Key can be used to authenticate a Shotgun Python API session, as an alternative to user-based credentials—which can be too restrictive when used with automation.



7: Creating, Testing, and Debugging Action Menu Items (31m)

Action Menu Items—or AMIs, for short—are a lightweight alternative to Toolkit Actions. AMIs let you send information from a Shotgun page to a script via a specified protocol, like HTTP or HTTPS, or a custom protocol. This video covers multiple AMI examples and implementations.


0:05 - Intro
1:45 - AMIs with PHP
5:28 - AMIs with Flask
13:45 - AMIs with Django
26:02 - Debugging AMIs


8: The Python API—Schema Methods (20m)

Shotgun’s Python API is explored in more detail with a focus on schema methods. The video covers topics like defining schemas, how they work with Shotgun, and known limitations.


0:05 - Intro
0:22 - What is a schema
1:31 - Schema secrets
4:14 - Connection entities
7:53 - CRUD with API schema methods
8:20 - schema_entity_read
10:25 - schema_field_read
13:55 - schema_field_create
16:36 - schema_field_update
17:59 - schema_field_delete
18:30 - Limitations



9: The Python API—Upload/Download (31m)

This Shotgun Python API video covers common commands related to uploading and downloading with the API with a focus on media stored, transcoded, and tracked with Shotgun.


1:04 - Uploading Files from the GUI
5:04 - Linking Files to entities
8:12 - Image and video transcoding
16:04 - Uploading with the API
19:30 - Downloading with the API
21:30 - Downloading media
22:25 - Downloading thumbnails and filmstrips
24:32 - Downloading files outside Shotgun
24:59 - Choosing not to transfer
26:08 - Local file linking
28:03 - Path to movie/frames


The above videos are part of a new series of Shotgun training content. Have feedback or want a different topic covered? Click here to let us know!





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    Johnny Duguid


    I've just published additional training content for this course. 

    What’s new in v2?

    - Brand new training videos covering:

        - The Web GUI

        - Resources

        - The Python API, Schema Methods

        - The Python API, Upload/Download

    - A refreshed edition of Creating, Testing, and Debugging Action Menu Items with additional debugging content

    - A playlist containing all videos in course order is now available on YouTube

    -ZenDesk article has been updated with embedded course playlist and chapter markers for new videos

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