Project-based media restrictions

For some projects, security requirements dictate that media on your Shotgun server can only be accessed from a subset of IP addresses, while still granting permissions to see more general production data to all users (whom have permissions to see that project).

To accommodate this type of requirement, we've built on top of our basic IP allowed list functionality to allow administrators to expose a field called Media Unrestricted IP Ranges on the Project entity.

With this field exposed, you can type in a comma-separated list of IP addresses and/or ranges that are allowed to access media (Attachment's) on that project. Please see the base IP allowed list documentation for further information about acceptable IP address formats.


In the example above you can see that:

  • If the field is empty for a project, then no restrictions will be applied.
  • When the field contains any value, media will be restricted to the specified ranges.

To enable this field on your site, a site administrator can do so via the Enable Per-Project Media Allowed List option, under the Security panel on your Site Preferences page.