1.0.43 Release Notes

What’s new?

Improved compatibility with Houdini 16, tk-core and apps improvements and bug fixes for different engines.


  • Fixes to improve compatibility with Houdini 16. [40555]
  • Added style sheet file watchers for interactive styling when developing apps. [40852]
  • Shotgun Panel and Loader2 apps now redirect to the Media App page when clicking on the "play" icon on a Version. [43996]
  • Improved logging on tank commands. [44167]


  • push_config failure can leave target config in a broken state. This fix ensures that the target pipeline configuration is not corrupted and is always available in its original folder or as a backup. [41460]
  • The documentation link in the apps info sidebar wasn't working. This fix ensures that the documentation page opens after you click on the 'Documentation' button. [43063]
  • Nuke 11 was crashing on close on Linux. This fix ensures that no more crashes happen on close. [44154]
  • Multiple Shotgun menus can appear when sgtk is disabled. This fix prevents duplicate Shotgun menus when sgtk is disabled. [44166]
  • The Shotgun menu wasn't restored properly after sgtk was in a disabled state. This fix ensures the Shotgun menu gets regenerated successfully. [44253]
  • The method show_panel() did not return a widget instance. This fix ensures we are now returning it correctly. [44271]