7.4 Release Notes

Shotgun 7.4 is faster and gives you more control over your data, Task Templates, and single sign-on.

Big Data Mode

Admins of Shotgun sites with large data sets can now enable Big Data Mode to make their pages load up to 10 times faster. This prevents record counts from being automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom of pages in Shotgun. Simply turn off page and record counts in the Site Preferences.

Big Data Mode

Faster transcoding

Shotgun’s cloud transcoding service across multiple locations now also scales automatically. Even if you have thousands of Shots, Assets, Tasks, and Versions, Shotgun can meet the demand and quickly transcode your media.

Per-project Task Templates

Clients who work on different types of projects, ranging from animated features to games to VFX for episodic TV, can now create Task Templates for each project type to help reduce clutter and confusion.

Task Templates

On a Task Template, Admins can use the new “Restrict to Projects” field to specify which templates are visible for each project. If that field is populated, the Task Template will only appear in the project specified. If that field is blank, the Task Template will appear in all projects.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) has gotten even better with expanded support for SSO across Shotgun Desktop and the Toolkit Platform. Admins can now also choose to log in to their site with either their Shotgun or SSO credentials, and they have the flexibility to link an existing user account to SSO without having to manually rename it.

Last, Shotgun support can now merge accounts for you, in case someone has worked under two accounts (i.e., john_td and john_artist) and wants to combine their work history under a single account.

Fixed bugs

  • Fields on a connection entity were not removed after retiring that connection entity. This fix deletes all fields associated with a connection entity, when that connection is destroyed. [39290]
  • Conditional formatting rules were being applied to hidden fields. This fix ensures conditional formatting only applies to fields that are visible. [16153]
  • For fields where “Ensure Unique Values Per Project” was on, names of new entities with duplicate values were displayed incorrectly. This fix displays the correct name. [33199]
  • Sometimes bubbled summary, or query, fields appeared blank in CSV exports when exported from detail pages. This fix exports all information from the page. [25654]
  • Certain pages, such as Tags, Software, and Pipeline Steps, were not “system owned”, and Admins were able to delete or rename them. This fix prevents users from inadvertently deleting or renaming Pages found under the Admin menu. [42641]
  • In the Review Notes App, the summary email didn’t work for any Notes with Versions linked to other Notes. This fix ensures the summary email is sent. [43893]
  • In the Review Notes App, any additional text fields on a Version did not flash green to confirm when that text was saved. This fix shows the green flash for any new Notes in the Review Notes App. [42782]
  • Adding the Attachments field as a filter on a page resulted in an error. This fix allows sorting and grouping on attachments. [25931]
  • In the Inbox, there was an unrecoverable option to “Mark All Read”. This fix prevents accidentally marking all messages as read. [43869]
  • API users could not see the “See Assigned Projects Only” field. This fix ensures that “See Assigned Projects Only” is on for the API user, so the script can only access the specified projects. [42302] (Tues Oct 17, 2017)


  • Upgrading to Chrome 61 caused media playback to display a perpetual “Preparing media…” message. This fix ensures all media plays properly in Chrome 61 and later. [44683]
  • When creating conditional formatting rules, if more than one filter group was created and saved in the parameters, the formatting rules could not be re-edited. This fix allows formatting rules to be adjusted as needed. [44803]
  • Filters on Notes and Open Notes displayed different results. This fix ensures consistent results. [45039]
  • The new site restart feature, introduced in Shotgun 7.3, did not work properly in some cases for locally installed Shotgun instances. This fix ensures locally installed sites never try to access the internet. [45116] (Tues Oct 3, 2017)


  • Shotgun can now use Okta, with or without iframes, as an identity provider for single sign-on sites. [43794]


  • The Review Notes app was sending emails to people who did not have permission to access those notes. This fix ensures emails are only sent to people with the required permissions. [44485]
  • After hiding a Pipeline Step via the project’s tracking settings, it was unclear in the “Pipeline Step” field of a Task, whether or not that step was allowed to be used. This fix makes it clear that hidden pipeline steps are not valid. [44720]
  • When manually entering the word “today” in a filter, “today” disappeared. This fix ensures writing in “today” works in a query filter. [44721]
  • Filtering records with two or more “is not” conditions through a single entity field did not return all results. This fix displays all relevant results. [44817] (Tues Sept 19, 2017)


  • When adding a new field via a project’s tracking settings, the option to add the field to all active projects or only the current project was missing. This fix ensures new fields can be added to all projects or only a specific project. [44552]
  • After hiding a Pipeline Step via the project’s tracking settings, it was unclear in the “Pipeline Step” field of a Task, whether or not that step was allowed to be used. This fix makes it clear that hidden pipeline steps are not valid. [44720]
  • Searching for a large-value number in the Filter Panel led to a server error. This fix allows for filtering out of range values. [8047]
  • Sorting on the “To” or “CC” fields of a custom threaded entity resulted in a server error. This fix allows for sorting on either of those fields. [42298]
  • Single sign-on (SSO) did not enforce unique logins. This fix displays an error message for duplicate login names. [44453] (Tues Sept 12, 2017)


  • Fix Event Log Entry pages not displaying if a Pipeline Configuration Entity existed and the User Restriction field was populated. [44655]