1.0.42 Release Notes

What’s new?

Shotgun API updates to add direct S3 upload. Added support for Nuke 11, bug fixes for NUKE_PATH environment variable, Shotgun Panel, and standalone publishes.


  • Updated to the Shotgun API v3.0.33. Notable features being added include direct S3 upload and follow API updates. [42677]
  • Added support for Nuke 11. [42783]
  • Improved core update message to specify the newer version of Toolkit. [43927]


  • The latest version of tk-nuke v0.7.0 no longer keeps the user set paths on the NUKE_PATH env var when launching Nuke. This fix adds to them rather than overwrites them. [43239]
  • Manual updates to tk-shell v0.5.2 and tk-shotgun v0.5.3 caused a standalone publishes issue if Publish2 app was launched from a web browser or from command line. This fix ensures there is no issue. [43545]
  • Publishes were not displaying for Versions in the Shotgun Panel. This fix displays Versions. [43795]