Triggers (discontinued)


The Shotgun Studio Team has developed a series of standard triggers that are designed to automate actions in Shotgun which are common to Client-side Productions. Details on those triggers can be found on this page.

Please note that these triggers are now discontinued

Initialize entity

Allows fields on an entity type to be populated by default values when new entities of that type are created.

Calculated fields

Allows a field to be populated by an arithmetic calculation of the values of two other fields.

Calculate Cut length

Sets two fields (one timecode and one frame count) based on the difference between two other frame count fields and a fixed frame rate.

Currency converter

Populates a currency field based on the values from another currency field and an exchange rate field. A status field can also be used to control whether the field is populated or not.

Create Note

When a specific field on a Version is updated, a Note is created based on the value in that field.

Create date stamp

Populates a date/time field with the current date/time when a new entity is created, or when a status field is updated to have a specific status. It will optionally overwrite any previously set dates/times.

Field to field

Updates a field with a specific value whenever another field is set to a specific value on the same entity.

Smart Cut fields

Populates the Smart Cut fields Head In, Head Duration, and Tail Duration with default values when new Shots are created (requires Smart Cut fields to be enabled in Site Preferences).

Link Shot

Populates the Sequence field for newly created Shots with Sequences based on the Shot’s name.

Create Folders

Triggers the Create Folders action whenever a new entity is created or a new Task is added to a specific entity type.

Create project

Automatically installs Toolkit when a new project is created or a specific field on the project is set to “Install Toolkit”, and adds all users from a specific group to that project.

Update entity

Updates a status field on an entity whenever a Task on that entity has a specific field set to a specific status.

Update Version

When a Task’s status is updated, updates the status for the latest Version linked to that Task.

Approve Tasks

Updates the status for the first applicable downstream Task when a Task’s status is set to a specific value.

Note update status

Updates a status field on an entity when a new Note is created on that entity.

Frames update timecode

Populates a timecode field based on the value of a frame count field and a fixed frame rate.

Update timecode

Synchronizes a set of frame count and timecode cut fields.

Update Cut values

Synchronizes a set of frame count Cut fields on a Version.

Update Task

Links a Task to a Version where both are linked to the same entity, the value of a field on the Version matches a corresponding field on the Task, and the Task’s pipeline step is of a specific type.

Version finaled

When a Version’s status is set to a specific value, updates the entity linked to the Version to have a specific status, populates a field on the linked entity with a link to the Version, and sets a date/time field on the linked entity with the current date/time. Additionally, any other Versions linked to the same entity with a specific status can have their status updated to a specific value.

Update Task

When a Version’s status is updated, updates the status for the Task linked to that Version accordingly. Optionally populates a date/time field on the Version with the current date/time.



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