Calculated fields

Please note: Calculated fields is currently only available in limited private beta. If you would like to be a beta tester and give your feedback, please contact

Calculated fields allow you to compute a field with values from other fields from the same entity (such as a Task or Shot). You can use calculated fields to make it easier and faster to find useful information.

Add a calculated field the same way you add any other field type. You will see the list of available fields for the specific entity you’re using. For example, on a Shots page, you may see available fields such as Shot Code. If you add additional fields to your Shot page, they will appear under the list of Available Fields on your Calculated fields.

Just make sure you use the format listed under “Code” in your formula, like in the example below.

Calculated fields example

Note that currently, calculated fields only support basic arithmetic and string functions. If there are any errors, you will see “null” in the field.

Example calculations

Below are examples of calculated fields you can configure.

Arithmetic calculations

  • Shot Bid multiplied by Shot Cost (in currency)
    • Formula: {sg_shot_bid}*{sg_shot_cost}
  • MocapTake Frame Out - Frame In in frames
  • Seconds (24 FPS) = Cut Duration / 24
  • Shot Cut Duration Divided by Shot Total Duration in frames
  • Budgeted Net = Budgeted Gross (currency field) + Budgeted Rebate (currency field)
  • Variance Length = Bid Length (number field) - Cut Duration (cut field)
  • Scan Length = Scan Out (number field) - Scan In (number field) + 1
  • Work Length = Work Out (number field) - Work In (number field) + 1
  • Cut Length = Cut Out (number field) - Cut In (number field) + 1
  • Task Percentage Complete = (Duration - Days Remaining) / Duration (days remaining is a number field)

Text manipulation calculations

  • Shot Ref
    • Formula: CONCAT("A_", {code})


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