1.0.41 Release Notes

What's new?

Integrations now work without an internet connection. Bug fixes for the Shotgun web app integration. Improvements to stability and resiliency.


  • Modified the backup logic in Bootstrap so that it doesn’t keep an endless number of tk-core backups. [41418]
  • Disabled the logout feature from the Shotgun Menu when the Maya plugin runs in Shotgun integration. [41524]
  • Demoted info message to debug. This was causing info popups in the Shotgun engine and should
    really be debug rather than info. [42873]
  • Added support for tabs in Shotgun Desktop. [43528]
  • Applied Toolkit standard styling to custom panels in Shotgun Desktop. [43719]


  • Users couldn’t enter into a project if its core version was higher than the one used by Shotgun Desktop. This fix ensures users can enter their projects. [42679]
  • Subprocesses would not inherit the bundle cache from the parent, which led to inefficient re-caching of bundles and prevented Shotgun integrations from working in offline mode. This fix enabled Shotgun integration workflow in offline mode. [42966]
  • The Shotgun Desktop about box was not showing up when using a locked site config. This fix ensures the about box appears. [43224]
  • Empty cache files led to error messages. This fix handles empty cache files gracefully. [43236]
  • If a user had more than one instance of an app, then it failed to display all instances of the app after a context change and only displayed the first instance. This fix displays all instances of the app. [43403]
  • If one of the apps in an environment raised an error during initialization, the environment didn’t populate any items in Shotgun menus. This fix ensures that all other menu items still show up. [43032]
  • The Publish2 app was querying Shotgun unnecessarily when selecting items in the publish list. This fix prevents the unnecessary queries and speeds up user interaction. [43803]