7.3 Release Notes

Shotgun 7.3 is the result of feedback from our community. Because of popular feature requests, Admins can, in certain circumstances, restart their sites, and Shotgun Action Menu Items (AMIs) have been improved.

Restart your site

If you’re an Admin, you can now restart your own site after making changes to the schema. This means you can permanently delete entity or multi-entity fields, restart your site, and reuse those field names.

Server restart

Improved AMIs

AMIs now have the ability to open as a lightbox on top of the page you’re currently viewing, instead of opening in a new tab. Simply choose the “Open in Modal Overlay” option when creating a new AMI.


When an AMI is invoked it now creates an event log entry for auditing purposes. This event log entry also contains all the payload information that was sent as a GET or POST payload to your URL. Look for events with the type Shotgun_ActionMenuItem_Triggered and the payload will be in the ami_payload key of the meta field on the entity.

AMIs also now have a Light Payload checkbox. If the Light Payload box is checked, when using a custom protocol, your script will receive the id of the event log entry record that holds the payload information, instead of the full payload itself. This ensures that all AMI calls work, regardless of how many characters they have.

Additional features/polish

  • Action Menu Item network console logs now include information about if an AMI was triggered from a specific view or tab in a page. [40835]
  • The quick search bar on pages and newly created filters in a filter widget can now look for exact matches. [43273] [16662]
  • Projects with long names now have the full name appear on the Projects page. [42996]
  • The project name now appears in summary emails sent from the Review Notes App. [42444]


  • Searching for both group and user tasks in the My Tasks view is now much faster. [41541]
  • Improved the speed of checking large trees of Task dependencies. [42872]

Fixed bugs

  • In the Review Notes App, it appeared as though additional draft notes were not saved after removing a Version from a Playlist, if draft notes already existed. This fix makes it clear when draft notes are saved to a Playlist. [43448]
  • On Firefox 38 or earlier, there was an error when loading the Projects page. This fix loads the Projects page as expected. [42854]
  • Bulk importing checkbox data stored information incorrectly. This fix ensures data is stored correctly. [43062]
  • In the Crew Planning App, there could be multiple layouts with the name “Default.” This fix only allows for one layout named “Default,” to avoid confusion. [28406]
  • Filtering Tags on usage count caused errors. This fix ensures filtering Tags by number of times they are used works correctly in the filter query builder. [42642]
  • In the Shotgun API, creating Tags with the same name as Tags that have been deleted resulted in an error. This fix ensures deleted Tags are no longer considered when creating new ones. [43316]
  • Via the Shotgun API, Tags could be created without consideration for case-sensitivity. This fix ensures that now, if a script attempts to create a new Tag, but one already exists with a different casing, an error will be presented instead. [43316]
  • The Shotgun API removed the uniqueness of fields when updating fields. This fix ensures the uniqueness of fields doesn’t change. [28790]
  • On the Site Preferences page, the word “affect” was used incorrectly. This fix effectively uses the word “effect.” [43164] (Tues Aug 22, 2017)


  • When playing a Cut in the browser, clips that display the “base layer” media (as opposed to shot media) could display the wrong range of frames in Mini-Cut Mode. This fix ensures the correct frame ranges are displayed. [44194]
  • Scrolling on a Task page with the Gantt chart was very slow on Windows 7 and 10. This fix ensures scroll speed is normal. [43008] (Wed Aug 9, 2017)


  • Improved performance for pages displaying thumbnails. [43987] (Tues July 25, 2017)


  • The All Pages menu in the Global navigation bar only displayed the Overview page and Pages folder. This fix displays the Overview, Shots, Assets, and other pages, in addition to the Pages folder. [43789]
  • On the Projects page, cards with longer project names were taller than cards with shorter project names. This fix displays all project cards in the same row at the same height. [43416]