Data retention policy change announcement

We are putting in place some changes to our data retention policy for hosted sites. Here are more details about what these changes are and how they may impact you. This change concerns ONLY EVENTS; all your other production data won't be affected.

Effective date

The new policy will be implemented on August 12th, 2017, for all sites. You don’t have to do anything for the policy to take effect.

The policy is effective now for all new trial sites.

What is changing?


Events (or Event Log Entries) are a subset of application data, but given their importance for many of our clients, we want to call out the Events-specific data retention policy. The default retention period for Events is six months. After that period, Events are extracted from the database and archived. The archived events are no longer accessible through the Shotgun Web Application or the Shotgun API. However, these archived Events can be downloaded in a CSV formatted file through the Account Center. Events are archived for a period of five years.

Event Log is an entity inside Shotgun that records information when actions are performed. Examples of Events that get created are things like, when a status was updated and by whom, an Asset name was updated, changes to the Assigned To field of a Task. An example of Event usage would be if you are in a list view of Shots with the Status field exposed, you can right click on the Status field and select "View Status History". That will open up a new window of Events that shows what the Statuses have changed to and from, who did it, and what date.  With our updated data retention policy, you will only see data from the last 6 months, unless you opt out (not suggested) or change the frequency of your event archival.  

For more information on events logs, see our article on Event Logs and Event Logs Monitoring.


Why are we making these changes?

For most studios, event logs older than 6 months are not relevant to their day-to-day workflows. By introducing these policies, we seek to improve the average user's experience, by optimizing the performance of loading complex data sets. We strongly believe that by introducing these policies, we will improve the user experience.


Can my site be exempted?

It is possible that some workflows at your studio depends on events older than the default retention period. Your finance department may be creating reports, for example. If this is the case, we recommend that you consider building tools outside Shotgun to remove that dependency on older events. Shotgun is currently not designed to efficiently retrieve and query event data over a long period of time.

While it is not recommended to do so, you can modify the retention period for events in the Shotgun Web Application, under Site Preferences -> Advanced -> Event retention period.