Live Watermarking (discontinued)

Note: The information below is outdated and relates to a discontinued feature.

Shotgun’s Live Watermarking lets you configure different levels of live watermarking to media stored in Shotgun, on a per-user basis. With watermarking enabled, thumbnails, proxy media, and downloadable movies will be visibly watermarked with property and user information.

Note: Currently, support for forensic (invisible) watermarking is not available.

Enabling Live Watermarking on your Shotgun site

This feature is only available to Shotgun Studio clients. For more information please contact us.

Configuring watermarking presets

Once Live Watermarking has been enabled, you can configure it for each user. Navigate to the People page, and choose an appropriate preset for each user, that will be applied separately to images and to movies.

Note: These same presets can be applied on Client User accounts and API Script keys.

Currently, five different levels of watermarking are available:






Tip: If no preset is specified, the “Standard” level is automatically applied.

Limitations and considerations

Currently the watermarking system has the following limitations:

  • Playback is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Safari and Internet Explorer users may experience longer delays when playing back movies, as will the iOS Review app.
  • When downloading media with watermarking enabled, files are downloaded as "webm".
  • Watermarking presets can only be changed by users with Admin-level permissions.
  • Watermarks are not applied to locally stored media (such as when viewing high-resolution media with RV).
  • Live watermarking can not currently be deployed to local install sites.


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