Vendor submission overview

Vendors regularly need to submit digital media to productions for review, and productions need a streamlined way for reviewing these submissions and providing feedback.

This article covers some simple best practices on how to get vendors up and running with making submissions into your Shotgun site, including providing media for review along with all metadata, without the overhead of setting up file servers and ingest stations.

Considerations and prerequisites

In order for this submission process to be effective we recommend the following:

  • Each vendor should have their own user account on your Shotgun site, and be able to create Versions and Playlists, as well as see any entities (Shots, Sequences or Assets) that they need to associated media with.
  • Vendors should submit media as QuickTimes in a color space suitable for reviewing on most displays.
  • Vendors should prepare a submission sheet for each submission batch, with column headings corresponding to column headings in your system for Versions.
  • High-resolution and secondary media (for example, editorial DNXHDs) as well as image sequences, should be handled outside of Shotgun, although you might want to use the Deliveries entity in Shotgun for tracking purposes.

Submission process for vendors

To get started with submitting a batch to your Shotgun site, vendors should sign in and create a Playlist with the submission batch name. Any general notes about the batch can be added to the “Description” field of the Playlist, and any other fields can be filled in as needed.

Once the Playlist has been created, from the Playlist’s detail page, the vendor should switch to the Versions tab, click +Version, drag media for the submission onto the Uploaded Movie drop area, and then click Create Version (the other fields can be ignored for now).

After the upload completes, the metadata can be imported from a submission sheet by choosing More > Import Versions and then pasting the contents of the submission sheet.

Follow the steps to import the information (see Using the Importer for more information). The Playlist is now ready to review.

Tip: Refer to Review process for client-side productions for information on how to review submissions and provide feedback.
Note: Refer to Submitting your work for handling submissions from in-house artists.


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