1.0.39 Release Notes


  • Set Framerange app added to Shotgun Basic Configuration. [41726]
  • Publisher 2 app added to Shell Engine. [42793]
  • Better handling for screenshots on Linux when Imagemagick is not installed. The built-in QT based approach is being used as a fallback. [42736]
  • Removed use of tag_list for app store logic to comply with upcoming deprecation of that feature. [43276]


  • An error appeared in the browser console when opening a design page. This fix ensures there is no error. [42933]
  • Menu items were taking a long time to cache. This fix centralizes YML file data lookup and caches the resulting data, reducing the amount of file IO required by the browser integration and greatly improving speed when dealing with configs that live on network file servers. [43057]
  • Menu items for some entity types were not displaying. If a config contains shotgun_xxx.yml environment files, this fix ensures that the menu items from those environment files will show up. [43058]
  • Task entities received actions configured for either Shot or Asset types, depending on which the specific Task was linked to. This was the case even if a specific shotgun_task.yml file existed in the config. This fix resolves Task entity cache keys when the websocket code path is used to get actions. [43060]
  • Toolkit did not properly launch an application into the correct pipeline configuration. This fix ensures applications opens in the right pipeline configuration. [42198]
  • The sg descriptor latest lookups was not working correctly. This fix ensures omitting the version number or using the "latest" keyword now works. [43137]