Working with storyboards in Shotgun

Shotgun allows you to organize and work with storyboards in a convenient, simple way. By following these recommendations, you’ll be able to:

  • Upload storyboard images to Shotgun
  • Group them together by Sequence
  • Visually arrange them in the correct order
  • Add any additional metadata
  • Output to PDFs
Note: This article assumes you are using the Studio reporting tools and that your site has been configured with the "Studio" template.

Uploading storyboard images

To get started, go to the Storyboards page in Shotgun. From the project navigation bar, choose Project Pages > All Project Pages > Pre Production > Storyboards.

Click to go to the Storyboard Images tab, then click + Version. Drag the storyboard images for a particular sequence into the drop area and verify that the “Type” is set to “Storyboard”, then click Create Version.

Note: The “Version Name” for each storyboard will be generated from the filename when added, but can be changed later.

After the images are imported, select them and add them to a Playlist by right-clicking and choosing Add To New Playlist…

Name the Playlist according to the Sequence, and make sure the “Type” is set to “Storyboard Sequence”, then click Create Playlist. Once you have your Playlist, click on it to view the Playlist detail page.

Tip: Select the “Storyboards” view on the Playlist detail page to get the most relevant information when working with storyboards.

While on this page, you can edit the description for each storyboard if you like. To add more storyboard images to the current Playlist, click + Version then drag the images into the drop area, again making sure the “Type” is set to “Storyboard”.

Reordering storyboards

To change the order of storyboards, click the triangle button in the top right of the playlist detail page, and choose “Open in Media App”.

This will open the Playlist in the Media App. If the storyboards are displayed in a list, switch to thumbnail view instead by clicking the thumbnails icon:

To change the order, drag the storyboards to set the desired order.

If you see a warning when you try to do this for the first time, click on the link “Click here to change your sort”, and try dragging again.

Outputting to PDF

To generate a report, first click on the triangle button in the top-right (either from the playlist detail page or the media page), then choose the version of the report to run:

The “Storyboard” report shows three storyboards per page in a single column, while the “Storyboard (2 Column)” version will show six storyboards per page.

Note: The report can be generated either from the Playlist detail page or from the Media app (via the Project Actions button).




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