The Shotgun Studio Team has developed a series of apps that are designed to complement Client-side Productions. The information below relates to one of those apps. If you are interested in hearing about our Studio Packages which include access to these apps, please contact us.

Shotgun’s EDL+CDL app is takes an EDL generated elsewhere, and pairs it with the information in Shotgun to fetch the appropriate CDL values. You simply provide your EDL:

The app will then generate a new EDL with the CDL values added:

Considerations prior to using the app

For the app to work correctly, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Each event in the EDL must have a comment “* FROM CLIP NAME: ” followed by a version name or filename. This will be used to find a matching Version in Shotgun.
  2. The corresponding Version in Shotgun must be linked to a Shot.
  3. The corresponding Shot in Shotgun must have at least one Version set as a Master Plate (the “Master Plate” checkbox has been checked), and that must have a linked Source Clip (in the “Source Clip” field).
  4. The corresponding Source Clip must have values in the “ASC_SAT” and “ASC_SOP” fields.
Note: If the requirements are not met for a particular event in the EDL, no CDL information will be added for that event.

Generating the EDL

Once you have one or more EDL files, you’re ready to use Shotgun’s EDL+CDL app.

To launch the app, either:

  • Open the Shotgun Desktop app, browse to your project, and click the EDL+CDL icon, or
  • Choose Project Actions > EDL+CDL in your browser, from any page in your Shotgun project.

Note: You must have the Shotgun Desktop app installed. For more information about the Shotgun Desktop app, see Getting started with Shotgun Desktop.

The EDL+CDL window will be shown:

To load your EDL without CDL information, drag the EDL file onto the app. The app will then process the EDL and generate a new one in the same folder as the original.

The name of the new EDL will be displayed once the process completes, and from here you can reveal the new file, process a new EDL, or close the app.



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