Ingest Delivery app (discontinued)

Note: The information below is outdated and relates to a discontinued app.

With Shotgun’s Ingest Delivery app, you can completely automate the busywork of receiving submissions, including:

  • Downloading media from a remote server
  • Verifying the media received is complete and undamaged
  • Copying the media to specific, structured folders on disk
  • Adding entries in Shotgun about the submitted media
  • Importing any metadata accompanying the submission
  • Creating thumbnails and web-playable media in Shotgun
  • Adding the submitted media to a Playlist in Shotgun for review
  • Updating the associated Delivery in Shotgun for the submission

Best of all, the Ingest Delivery app can run in the background and watch for incoming submissions and process them as soon as they’ve been delivered!

Note: For more of an overview of the submission process with Shotgun, refer to Vendor submissions for client-side productions.
Tip: The Ingest Media app only works with submissions made with the Create Delivery app. If you need to quickly ingest media without creating a delivery beforehand, Shotgun’s Import Media app can make this a breeze.

Ingesting deliveries

As soon as you have received any submission through the Create Delivery app, you’re ready to ingest it.

To launch the app, open the Shotgun Desktop app, browse to your project, and click the Ingest Delivery icon:

The Ingest Delivery window will be shown:

Note: You must have the Shotgun Desktop app installed. See "Getting started with Shotgun Desktop" for more information.

Ingesting deliveries automatically

To have the app watch for new deliveries and then process them automatically, click Start. Any deliveries ready to be processed will be queued up and ingested. The app will then check for additional incoming deliveries every 30 seconds.

Tip: To have the app check for new deliveries immediately, click “Check Now”. To suspend watching for deliveries, click “Stop”.
Note: Sneakernet deliveries cannot be ingested automatically.

Ingesting deliveries manually

You have a few options to ingest specific submissions:

  • Right-click on the Delivery to process in Shotgun and choose “Ingest Delivery” (not available with
  • Sneakernet delivery types), or
  • Drag a folder containing a submission onto the drop area of the app, or
  • Drag the manifest.yml file from a submission onto the drop area of the app.

The ingest process

As soon as the app begins ingesting, the view will change to show the progress of each delivery:

The app will do the following:

  1. Verify the digital signatures of the files to check they match what was sent
  2. Copy and organize the media in folders on disk (determined in a template)
  3. Create Versions in Shotgun based on the submitted media
  4. Create thumbnails and web-playable media in Shotgun
  5. Create a Playlist based on the delivery’s name
  6. Update the Delivery record

If there are already files with the same name in the destination folders, the app will ask you if you want to overwrite them.

Tip: The Ingest Delivery app can be configured to control the folder structure for copied files.
Tip: The ingest progress (as well as any issues encountered) will be recorded on the Delivery record in Shotgun, so you can check progress there if you leave the app running on another system.

Once the submission has been ingested, Shotgun will send notifications to everyone the delivery was addressed to.

Tip: To receive notifications by email, ensure that you are subscribed to “My Deliveries” in Shotgun’s Account Settings.


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