Request Scan app (discontinued)

Note: The information below is outdated and relates to a discontinued app.

Shotgun’s Request Scan app works in harmony with the Import Scan app to let you send requests for scans in CSV and EDL formats, at the click of a button. Simply go to the appropriate request in Shotgun and launch the app to issue the request.

Preparing the request

In order to use the app to make a scan request, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a playlist for the request.
  2. Add the required scans to the playlist.
  3. Link each of the scans to a source clip in its “Source Clip” field.
  4. Set the “Tape” field for each of the linked source clips.
Tip: If you’ve previously used the Import Scan app to import a batch of scans to be requested, these will already have been done!

Once you’ve got your playlist of scans (each of which has a corresponding source clip), you need to set some information about the request:

  1. Set the playlist name to the name of the request (this is sometimes referred to as the “Pull ID”).
  2. Set the playlist’s “Recipient” field to include the people or group the request should be sent to.
Tip: There are two special groups in Shotgun called “Scan Request To” and “Scan Request CC” which the app uses to automatically notify people. If you add people to these groups, they’ll automatically be included in the request, even if you don’t add them to the playlist’s recipients.

Issue the request

Once everything is ready, you can launch the app and issue the request. From the action button in the top-right of the playlist detail page, choose Scan Request.

Note: You must have the Shotgun Desktop app installed. For more information about the Shotgun Desktop app, see Getting started with Shotgun Desktop.

The app will then launch and give you a preview of all the information that will be included in the request.

The following fields are included:

  • Version Name
  • Source Clip
  • Tape (from the linked Source Clip)
  • Timecode Cut In
  • Timecode Cut Out
  • Head Duration
  • Tail Duration
  • First Frame
  • Last Frame
  • Frame Count
  • Format
  • ASC_SAT (from the linked Source Clip)
  • ASC_SOP (from the linked Source Clip)
Tip: The Request Scan app can be configured to include additional fields.

None of the information shown can be edited in the app itself. If anything needs to be changed you’ll need to click Cancel and return to Shotgun to make the required changes. You can then relaunch the app again.

Note: The app will not let you continue if any scans are missing either the “Tape” or “Source Clip”.

When you’ve confirmed everything looks good, click OK. The app will then complete the request.

Note: Every recipient included on the playlist will now receive a notification in Shotgun that the request has been made. If they have the “Subscribe to deliveries” option checked in their Account Settings, they’ll also receive an email.

You can click “Jump to Shotgun” to view the scan request in Shotgun. As part of the request, the app creates a CSV and EDL file. Clicking on either of them will download them to your computer.




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