Integrations v1.0.36 Release Notes

This release provides various quality of life enhancements to the Shotgun Desktop and the Shotgun Integrations as well as some updates to the 3dsMax workflows.

Shotgun Desktop

  • Product name comparison with the Software entity's product field are no longer case sensitive in our application launchers.
  • A few URLs that had been broken by a recent update to our documentation have been fixed.
  • The Toolkit applications launched from the Shotgun Desktop now log back to the Shotgun Desktop's console.
  • A new Help item has been added to the user menu in the Shotgun Desktop.

Shotgun Integrations:

  • The loader application now provides visual feedback when an action is launched by a user.
  • Bug fix for importing alembic files exported from 3dsMax
  • Added the ability to import published images as a bitmap texture node in 3dsMax
  • The Shotgun Panel now supports the same 3dsMax load actions as the Loader
  • Bug fix for Loader first launch notification


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