1.0.28 Release Notes

Included in the v1.0.28 release of our integrations are a variety of bug fixes for browser integration with the Shotgun web application.

  • Issues of slowness when retrieving Toolkit actions for "classic" SGTK setups is now resolved via a temporary workaround approach. Our intent is to continue working on speed enhancements when network file servers are in use, so you can expect future releases here to include further enhancements in this area.
  • Fixes an issue where additional `shotgun_*.yml` environment files in a classic configuration did not result in those entity types being allowed to contain Toolkit actions. This was reported specifically for `shotgun_playlist.yml` files, but it affected any of the non-default Shotgun environment offerings. Now, creation of the new environment file will cause that entity type to receive the configured Toolkit actions in the Shotgun web app.
  • Various issues have been reported related to non-Toolkit Python imports failing in custom apps being used via browser integration. The workaround implemented that was mentioned in the first item in this list will also resolve the Python module import issue.
  • A regression was found that resulted in Task entities receiving the Toolkit actions configured for either a Shot or Asset entity type, depending on which the Task was linked to. This has been resolved with this release.
  • Within Shotgun Desktop's main thread, it was possible for PYTHONPATH and TANK_CURRENT_PC environment variables to end up being set to unicode string values. This caused odd behavior with some custom apps when launched from Shotgun Desktop. These values are now being sanitized prior to being set in the environment.
  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect path to the Shotgun Desktop's python interpreter would be written to the interpreter_*.yml files if it is not installed at the default location.