1.0.22 Release Notes

Included in the v1.0.22 release of our integrations are a variety of bug fixes reported by clients after the v1.0.0 release went live.

  • When using Toolkit's browser integration, if a PipelineConfiguration entity for a project contains a path that is inaccessible from the current host, a error message explaining the issue is bubbled up to the web browser. Previously, this case was handled ungracefully, and a useful message never made it to the user.
  • In the situation where a tk-core older than v0.18.77 was cloned from Github and used as part of a locked-off site configuration, we ran into issues where the newer code path would be used when bootstrapping the tk-shotgun engine during a browser integration action. This resulted in an exception being raised, as a proper environment could not be built using the older tk-core. That case is now handled properly, and those older, cloned tk-cores will make use of the legacy bootstrap logic for the tk-shotgun engine.
  • A small fix is included to ensure that unicode strings don't make their way into environment variables that are set when executing an engine command via Toolkit's browser integration.


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