7.2 Release Notes

Shotgun 7.2 features new integrations and improvements that make it easier for you to work with the tools you love and keep your data even more secure. New plug and play integrations allow you to connect Shotgun with your favorite software applications without any configuration. A new publishing tool tracks files in Shotgun and can run in your creative tools or as a standalone app. Single-sign on gives studio IT departments the ability to control access to their Shotgun site from a centralized location. Web streaming in RV makes it possible to review media in RV from anywhere, without storing files locally. RV-SDI functionality is now available to everyone. And, you can now use Markdown in Shotgun to easily format your text in Notes and Tickets.

Shotgun integrations

SG Desktop

With Shotgun integrations, we are delivering the power of our Toolkit Platform out of the box. Shotgun can now auto-discover and launch Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, Houdini, and 3ds Max. Inside those applications you can run the Shotgun Panel, Loader, and Publisher—bringing Shotgun into the software that artists already use without any additional set up.

Learn more in the new Shotgun Integrations User Guide and Release notes.

Stand alone Publish app

Publish app

With the new Publish app, you can simply drag and drop any file and publish the contents of your scene right to Shotgun. Run the app in your creative software or standalone. The app also supports custom plugins, for the technical folks who want to customize its functionality.

Single sign-on (SSO)


Super Awesome Support subscribers can now conveniently log in to multiple systems using a single login and password. With SSO, IT departments at studios can control who has access to their Shotgun site from a central location. This means IT can easily grant, limit, or revoke access rights and permissions to a user, instead of having to remember all systems that users had access to and manually disable their accounts on each of those systems.

And there’s an added benefit that people can use the same login credentials across tools at their studio.

Web streaming in RV

With web streaming in RV, supervisors can now review their artist’s work in context without having to worry about whether they have the content stored on their computer. Instead, Shotgun recognizes when media is not available locally and seamlessly pulls that media into RV from Shotgun on the web. Note that you will need to download and use RV 7.2.0 to use this feature.


RV-SDI functionality

SDI video and audio playback functionality, previously only available with Super Awesome support, is now available to all Shotgun clients. RV supports output through SDI hardware from AJA and Blackmagic, enabling clients to connect RV to digital cinema projectors, broadcast monitors, and other SDI- or HDMI-based viewing devices for high quality dailies and media review.

Markdown support

With Markdown support, you can now more easily compose your Notes and Tickets. Before, Shotgun only supported limited textile-to-HTML. Now, you can create nicely formatted Notes with a more intuitive syntax.

Markdown example 1 Markdown example 2

Fixed bugs

  • Playlists with custom sort orders were re-indexed whenever a note was published from the Review Notes App. This fix ensures publishing notes from the Review Notes App does not affect the order of a Playlist. [39961]
  • When filling out the form for resetting a password, hitting the “Enter” key took users back to the login page and did not send the reset password email. This fix ensures the “Enter” key successfully submits reset password forms. [40084]
  • Footage fields with a float value were being calculated twice. This fix only calculates values once. [42666]
  • The field for allowing a list of IP addresses only accepted two IP addresses on new lines. This fix accepts multiple lines of addresses in the IP allowing list field. [39689] (Tues Jun 20, 2017)


  • All sites now support Markdown. [43292]


  • Files with non-ASCII characters in the filename that were attached to notes did not display the filename properly. This fix preserves the correct filenames. [43229]
  • Sites with legacy display preferences to show the Card, Calendar, and Schedule (Task) Modes were unable to sort columns on pages in the Schedule Mode. This fix ensures fields on those pages can be sorted. [42790]
  • When unlinking a Version from a Playlist, draft Notes were being published instead of discarded. This fix ensures that the draft Note created on an unlinked Version will not be sent. [43084]
  • The sign out link for a password protected playlist shared via the Client Review Site did not work. This fix ensures users can sign out of password protected playlists. [43130]
  • SSO accounts were case sensitive and unable to link matching email addresses with different capitalization. This fix ensures SSO accounts can link email addresses that are the same, regardless of case. [43271] (Wed Jun 7, 2017)


  • After the release, users could not create new permission roles. This fix allows for new permission roles. [43046]
  • Uploading Versions with non-ASCII characters in the filename resulted the filename rendering incorrectly, and large Version file uploads were not displaying the correct completion percentage of the upload. This fix preserves the correct filenames and properly represents file upload progress. [42785] [33368] [40535]
  • In the Global Media App, adding a Note by right clicking and selecting “Add Note to Selected…” would not auto populate the project field. This fix ensures the project field is filled in. [42874]
  • On Firefox, searching for project names did not always return exact matches. This fix ensures the autocomplete search returns exact matches. [42420]
  • Caching Toolkit actions in the legacy Shotgun Browser Plugin failed. This fix ensures the correct information is passed and Toolkit actions are cached. [43069]