1.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the v1.0 release of our integrations. We have been working for years on Toolkit, our platform dedicated to making it easy to build quality pipelines and studio tools. Toolkit has been in use around the world at many studios of varying sizes, but has always required quite a bit of technical know-how to use. With v1.0 of our integrations, we are making the core functionality of Toolkit available as something that works out of the box. Now, even if you don't have dedicated pipeline developers, you can use our tools to bring Shotgun into your content creation tools and enable easy file tracking and sharing.

If you do have technical resources, all of our integrations are still built on top of the flexible and powerful Toolkit platform. You can still use that platform to configure how publishing works, to manage your directory structure, to manage your environments, and to develop your own tools and integrations.

Note: If you do not have general access to the internet from your desktop, see our note at the bottom of this page.

No configuration needed

Now, by default, every project on your Shotgun site will have our integrations turned on. If you are running our Desktop app, you will be able to launch any of the content creation tools Shotgun has integrations for. When these applications run you will have a Shotgun menu from which you can run our Panel, our new Publisher, and our Loader.

Updated documentation

We've merged our Toolkit documentation in with the general Shotgun documentation and re-organized it into a User Guide, an Admin Guide, and (soon) a Developer Guide. All of the Toolkit platform documentation is still available under an advanced configuration section, but we've been working to consolidate all of these docs to make the content easier to find.

New way to download our desktop app

We have updated how you download our Desktop app. Now, any menu in Shotgun where our integrations will show up will also provide you with a link you can follow to download the application. Simply follow the prompts and you will be up and running in no time.


Shots___Chasing_Perfection.png     Shots___Chasing_Perfection.png


Easier software configuration

Shots___Chasing_Perfection_and_Script_int_shotgunstudio_internal_1_0.pngIt is now easy to tell Shotgun what software you use. We've introduced a new Software entity that is accessible from the Admin menu. This entity lets you control what versions of which applications will be available to different people or on different projects. If you install your applications to a non-default location, you can take control from our auto-discovery logic and specify exactly where your installs are.

Using the Software entity, you can also add any software you want to Desktop or the menus in Shotgun, making it easy for people to launch any application in a standard way.

Full instructions on how to use this new functionality are available here in our new Admin Guide.


Updated Shotgun Panel

We have updated our Shotgun Panel to make it easier to set your current work area. When the Panel is focused on your own account (by clicking on your thumbnail) you will see a My Tasks tab. Additionally, we've added new buttons that allow you to set your current working area to something in the Panel. This makes it easy to use Desktop to launch into a Project level working area and then quickly get to work on a task that is assigned to you.


New Publisher

We've rewritten our publisher from the ground up to make it more flexible and to offer the ability to start tracking any file in Shotgun, whether we've written specific publish logic for it or not. The new publisher supports dragging in any file for publishing and has the ability to run standalone, outside of a content creation tool.

Shotgun__Shotgun_Publish_and_SIGNAL_0030_comp_v04_nk__modified__-_Nuke.png  Shotgun__Shotgun_Publish_and_SIGNAL_0030_comp_v05_nk_-_Nuke.png

We have also implemented a set of basic publishes that allow the tracking and loading of standard data files across all of the applications we support. Sharing Alembic caches, image sequences, Photoshop documents, or other standard formats between artists in different content creation tools now works out of the box.

Updated Shotgun Loader

We have updated our Loader so that, by default, it will show you the hierarchy you have configured in Shotgun. If you have updated your settings so that you see the hierarchy you want in the Media App on your Shotgun site, the Loader will show you the same structure.


Other new features and fixes

  • More control over how paths stored in Shotgun are resolved (docs)
  • The ability to use our descriptor syntax to configure where configurations are located
  • More robust downloading of apps, engines, and frameworks
  • More control over what commands are available where on your Shotgun site
  • Field on Pipeline Configuration to use descriptors to to locate the configuration
  • Support for file:// based URLs for publish paths
  • Desktop now requires login
  • Desktop will prompt if a Shotgun site other than the one currently logged into attempts to connect
  • Banner in Desktop for announcements


  • Our integrations still require manual setup to work in an environment without general internet access.
    • If you cannot connect to the internet from your desktop, you can contact us at support@shotgunsoftware.com for help in getting started.