Linked fields

Video transcript

Shotgun stores data on things you are tracking in your studio, such as Shots and Assets. Under the hood, these things are connected, which allows you to find and display data, regardless of where you are in Shotgun.

Shots and Assets

Let’s look at a simple example of Shots and Tasks. A single Shot in Shotgun can contain multiple Tasks. Because the Tasks are linked to the shot, we can pull information from the Shot, onto the Task it is linked to.

On a page of Tasks in Shotgun, you can check the status of the Shot these tasks are linked to. First, reveal a field, and scroll down to the bottom to see a section called “Linked Fields”. Tasks are linked to Shots via this entity field called “Link”, therefore you can hover over this Link row to see all of the entities a Task can be linked to.

To pull the Shot status, select the Shot entity, and choose to see the Shot status. This column is now showing the Shot status for each task, and you’ll see the field header displaying Link > Shot > Status.

Link Shot Status

Now let’s look at a more complex example. Here we have three entities linked together: Sequence, Shots, and Versions. A single Sequence contains many Shots, and a single Shot contains many Versions. You can pull the Sequence name onto a page of Versions. The field connecting Versions to Shots is again called “link” and the field connecting shots to sequences is called “sequences”. Scroll down to the linked fields section, and then go through Link > Shot. Now that you are looking at Shot fields, you can again go down to the Linked Fields section and navigate to Sequence, where you’re now looking at Sequence fields. Select sequence name to pull the name of the Sequence onto the Versions page.

Sequence name

You can also group, sort, and filter by fields on linked entities. For example, if you want to sort a bunch of Tasks by Sequence on a Tasks page, or sort a bunch of Versions by the episode number.


Just remember, you can only pull information through fields that are single entity, not multi-entity. For example, if you try to pull Task information onto a Shots page, because a Shot can contain many tasks, Shotgun won’t know which task to pull that information from.