0.13.5 Release Notes

Publisher Changes

  • Implements summaries
  • Adds master overlay to report loading, success and failure
  • No longer processes disabled items
  • Adds drag grips on nodes
  • Changes selection behavior
  • Removes cog button
  • Selects summary after drop
  • Selects first main task after scene analysis
  • improved log feedback
  • adds WIP context switching from summary.
  • lifted project ctx restriction - now only restricts site contexts
  • Non-root items no longer show the link dropdowns

Loader Changes

  • Filter Publishes with no status
  • Add ability to open Nuke Studio projects in Nuke Studio

Core Changes

  • #41300 Added support for adding an os platform to a local storage at runtime via an env var so that you can augment a local storage that is missing an os platform at runtime
  • #42157 Provides an allow_config_overrides property on ToolkitManager. If True, the config override env variable will not be taken into account when resolving configurations
  • #41692 Doesn’t attempt to match plugin_ids if there isn’t one to match