Integrations v0.0.1 Release Notes

The initial beta release of the basic Shotgun integrations.

  • Support for the Software entity in Shotgun
  • Support for auto-discovery in the engines and tk-multi-launchapp
  • Updated engines to support zero configuration bootstrap
    • tk-maya
    • tk- nuke
    • tk-houdini
    • tk-3dsmaxplus
    • tk-photoshopcc
  • Basic publish and loading workflows for
    • tk-maya
    • tk-nuke
    • tk-houdini
    • tk-3dsmaxplus
    • tk-photoshopcc
    • and standalone publish
  • Updated loader with support for Shotgun hierarchy
  • New publisher app
  • Desktop updated for zero configuration bootstrap
  • Shotgun panel able to run on startup


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    Satish Goda

    Great stuff

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