Can I view Shotgun in different color themes (light or dark)?

As of Shotgun 7.1, people can choose between two color themes for the Projects page: light and dark. This is the first page in Shotgun that supports "theming", but over time, all pages will support both a dark and light theme. You can choose which theme you'd like to use for the Projects page from your Settings menu:

Why do only certain pages support theming?

When it was first created, Shotgun was largely made up of views designed to replace a producer's spreadsheet, which people often viewed in bright offices, and so we designed them in a light theme. Over time, we added more and more features to Shotgun that were designed to play media, which people often viewed in dark offices, and so we designed them in a dark theme. But it quickly became clear that these features were being used in lots of different environments. A supervisor (who might be an artist) would use the spreadsheet view in their dark office, while a producer, who might be having a meeting with a client, would be viewing media in a bright conference room.

Going forward, we will be rebuilding our interface to support two themes, a light theme and a dark theme, which we plan to support from any page in Shotgun. When more pages are updated to have theming options, they will automatically match your theming preference. Existing pages that do not support theming will appear in their original theme, which may be light or dark.

Which pages currently support theming?

All new pages we build (or rebuild) going forward will support theming. The Projects page is currently the first page we rebuilt and the only one to support theming. We will continue to update this FAQ as we add theming to more pages.

When will all pages support theming?

We are working our way through the app, and we will release new pages with support for theming as we update them. This is an ongoing project, so we expect to add theming support to more and more pages each quarter. If there is a particular page you'd really like to see support theming, let us know in the comments!



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    Rudy Reyes

    This looks great - Please revamp the "Published Files" page with theming.

    thank you!

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    Cam Langs

    Generic grid view, please!

    A common workflow is jumping between the media page and the 'all versions' page. While both are functionally similar - the difference in appearance is jarring. 

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