7.1 Release Notes

Coming soon, we will be rolling out changes to the Shotgun web interface related to browsing and creating projects. As the number of people using Shotgun grows every day, we are investing heavily in making Shotgun’s core functionality easy-to-use with a modern look and feel.

Don’t worry, these changes do not change existing functionality and permissions for creating projects, but you will notice an improved user experience for browsing.

What’s changing?

Here are the changes that are rolling out:

  • A new Projects page designed specifically for browsing, creating, and managing projects,
  • A redesigned Projects global navigation menu for navigating projects, 
  • A redesigned Create Project form (coming soon), and
  • Initial support for Themes (only available from the new Projects page).

New Projects page

Currently, the only way to see a list of all projects on a site is using a customizable Projects page. In order for someone on a site to access some of the core features around projects (favoriting, archiving, renaming, etc.), the page would need to have those fields visible, or a user would need to know which fields to add to the page to perform those actions. For new users and less experienced users, this led to a poor user experience and bad first impression.


Now you can see all your projects on a dedicated Projects page, organized so that your favorite and recent projects appear at the top. Core functionality is easily accessible from the page, and the UI is responsive and modern. For those still using the current Projects page, that page won't go away. You can now get to it by choosing “Manage Projects…” from the top-left projects filter on the new Projects page.

New Projects page

You can get to the new Projects page from the Projects menu by choosing “View All Projects”. Any user who has not customized their Home Page will see this page after logging in.

Redesigned Projects menu

The current Projects menu lists all of the projects a user can see so that they can easily navigate between projects. However, this menu can be filtered (Recents, All, Favorites), which not all users knew about, leading to some cases where a user was not seeing the projects they wanted to see.

Old Projects menu

With the redesigned Projects menu, you can see your Recent and Favorite Projects without having to filter between sections. There are also more visible links to the new Projects page and “New Project…” action, which were previously hidden in a submenu.

New Projects menu

Redesigned Create Project form

The current Create Project has two modes: simple and advanced. The simple mode requires only a name for your project and a template (or project to use as a template), while the advanced form has more fields and allows Admins to set which fields are required when creating new projects.

Simple project form   Advanced project form

We are working on redesigning this form to make it easier and more intuitive to create new projects. We aren’t ready to roll it out to all sites just yet, but hope to in the coming months. The new form will match the new UI styles we are using on the Projects page.

New project form


The new Projects page will include support for theming, which will allow you to choose between a light and dark color scheme. This is the first page in Shotgun that will support theme switching, but we plan to roll out many more. Read more about our plans for theme support throughout the app.

Other new features in this release

Fixed bugs

  • The Sequence entity could not be updated via the Shotgun Python API. This fix allows all fields in the Sequence entity to be updated. [41209]
  • When the field “Task > Assigned To” was not visible on a page, Artists could not change the status of a Task. This fix allows Artists to change a Task’s status, regardless of which fields are hidden. [41143]


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