7.1 Release Notes

We rolled out changes to the Shotgun web interface related to browsing and creating projects. As the number of people using Shotgun grows every day, we are investing heavily in making Shotgun’s core functionality easy-to-use with a modern look and feel.

Don’t worry, these changes do not change existing functionality and permissions for creating projects, but you will notice an improved user experience for browsing.

What changed?

Here are the changes that rolled out:

  • A new Projects page designed specifically for browsing, creating, and managing projects,
  • A redesigned Projects global navigation menu for navigating projects, 
  • A redesigned Create Project form (coming soon), and
  • Initial support for Themes (only available from the new Projects page).

New Projects page

Previously, the only way to see a list of all projects on a site was by using a customizable Projects page. In order for someone on a site to access some of the core features around projects (favoriting, archiving, renaming, etc.), the page needed to have those fields visible, or a user would need to know which fields to add to the page to perform those actions. For new users and less experienced users, this led to a poor user experience and bad first impression.


Now you can see all your projects on a dedicated Projects page, organized so that your favorite and recent projects appear at the top. Core functionality is easily accessible from the page, and the UI is responsive and modern. For those still using the current Projects page, that page won't go away. You can now get to it by choosing “Manage Projects…” from the top-left projects filter on the new Projects page.

New Projects page

You can get to the new Projects page from the Projects menu by choosing “View All Projects”. Any user who has not customized their Home Page will see this page after logging in.

Redesigned Projects menu

The previous Projects menu listed all of the projects a user can see so that they could easily navigate between projects. However, this menu could be filtered (Recents, All, Favorites), which not all users knew about, leading to some cases where a user was not seeing the projects they wanted to see.

Old Projects menu

With the redesigned Projects menu, you can see your Recent and Favorite Projects without having to filter between sections. There are also more visible links to the new Projects page and “New Project…” action, which were previously hidden in a submenu.

New Projects menu

Redesigned Create Project form

The previous Create Project had two modes: simple and advanced. The simple mode required only a name for your project and a template (or project to use as a template), while the advanced form had more fields and allowed Admins to set which fields are required when creating new projects.

Simple project form   Advanced project form

We are working on redesigning this form to make it easier and more intuitive to create new projects. We aren’t ready to roll it out to all sites just yet, but hope to in the coming months. The new form will match the new UI styles we are using on the Projects page.

New project form


The new Projects page includes support for theming, which allows you to choose between a light and dark color scheme. This is the first page in Shotgun that will support theme switching, but we plan to roll out many more. Read more about our plans for theme support throughout the app.

Other new features in this release

Fixed bugs

  • The Sequence entity could not be updated via the Shotgun Python API. This fix allows all fields in the Sequence entity to be updated. [41209]
  • When the field “Task > Assigned To” was not visible on a page, Artists could not change the status of a Task. This fix allows Artists to change a Task’s status, regardless of which fields are hidden. [41143] (Wed May 24, 2017)


  • Notes could not be created on entities that were selected. This fix allows Notes to be added to selected entities. [42742]
  • The Shotgun refresh button was not properly saving drafts of Notes in the Review Notes app. This fix ensures all updates to Notes are saved and appear in the app. [42744] (Wed May 17, 2017)


  • In the Shotgun API, there were errors when directly uploading files to S3. This fix ensures files can be uploaded directly to S3. [42716]
  • After the release, uploads via the Shotgun API did not support the tags_list. This fix supports both tags and the tags_list in API uploads. [42724] (Fri May 12, 2017)


  • After the release, global formatting rules based on Tags were incorrectly applying to all fields. This fix ensures the global formatting condition applies only to the Tags field. [42624].
  • After the release, querying for the tag_list field through a linked entity field did not produce results. This fix ensures results when querying for the tag_list field through a linked entity. [42633]
  • After the release, any query fields that had a condition on the tag_list field were removed. This fix returns the condition on Tags for query fields. [42636]
  • After the release, in page settings, filters on Tags were excluded. This fix ensures the Tags on linked entities are included in page filters. [42634] (Wed May 10, 2017)


  • The option to “add note to selected” on a non-project entity page was not available. This fix re-enables that option. [42612]
  • In the Shotgun API, using the name_contains filter syntax caused an error. This fix ensures the new Tags entity works with the Shotgun API. [42623]
  • There was an error when trying to create client users. This fix ensures the Create New Client User form opens. [42631]
  • Users who did not have permissions to see a new status on an entity were unable to create new entities. This fix ensures the new entity creation form works. [42632] (Wed May 10, 2017)


  • Tags are now an official entity and can now be accessed via a list page. This means Tags can be edited, retired, and revived, just like other Shotgun entities. [4280] [41371]
  • On the new Projects page, pressing the ESC button in the search field will now clear the field. [42181]
  • The blue + button on the new Projects page no longer flashes when the Create Project dialog is opened. [41633]
  • When renaming, duplicating, or archiving a project on the new Projects page, the title in the dialog will no longer include the project name. Instead, it will display “Rename Project,” “Duplicate Project,” or “Archive Project.” [41680]
  • On the new Projects page, clicking on the magnifying glass icon will activate the search. Clicking on the “x” will clear the text, but keep the search activated. [42183]
  • Markdown support in Shotgun now correctly displays HTML codes as characters (such as <, >, and &) and wraps inline code. [42249]
  • Improved performance of the Review Notes app when creating notes on hundreds of versions. [41443]


  • Importing notes from CSV failed if the Task was empty. This fix imports notes regardless of whether or not a Task is associated with it. [20167]
  • The Media App displayed Versions from demo projects when there were no active projects. This fix only shows Versions from active projects in the Media App. [41505]
  • Multiple menus from project thumbnails on the new Projects page could be opened at the same time. This fix closes the previous menu when a new menu is selected. [41681]
    Project menus
  • On the new Projects page, the Demo projects option was always available in the menu dropdown, even when no Demo projects existed. For sites with no demo projects, filtering for demo projects caused the Project menu to crash. This fix only shows Demo projects if those projects exist. [41732]
  • When linking a project to a Task from the My Tasks page, the message “No matches found” appeared even when a match was found. This fix only shows the “No matches found” message when the search term doesn’t match any projects. [41891]
  • Since the introduction of managing Pipeline Steps, it was possible to add a step from the global new [+] button, as well as the Other menu, causing inconsistencies. This fix only allows steps to be managed via the Admin section of the settings menu. [41957]
  • The Manage Apps page regressed to display larger toggle buttons. This fix scales down the buttons. [42033]
  • Downloading images and uploading files with non-ASCII characters in the filename resulted in the characters rendering as underscores in the name. This fix preserves the correct filename. [42064] [42163]
  • When switching themes, the display glitched. This fix ensures a smooth transition between themes. [42104]
  • When loading the Welcome page in the light theme, the page “popped.” This fix cleanly loads the Welcome page. [42120]
  • On the new Projects page, when in the light theme, the Create Project form did not work. This fix ensures the form works. [42204]
  • When adding a note to a Task, the link field appeared empty. This fix populates the link field with the Task related to the note. [42307]
  • Creating playlists from media displayed encoded characters in the playlist name. This fix displays the correct playlist names. [42308]
  • On the Activity tab of a detail page, the subject line of new Notes were blank. This fix displays a subject line when creating new notes. [42309] (Wed May 3, 2017)


  • When rearranging columns on a page, the blue drop indicator arrow was missing. This fix shows a blue arrow when moving columns. [41776]
  • Certain Activity streams and Inbox notifications were not appearing and caused errors. This fix ensures all activity and Inbox notifications load. [42453]
  • Pop up dialogs were not displaying a drop shadow, so it was hard to see the difference between the dialog and the rest of the page. This fix reinstates the drop shadows. [42454] (Tues May 2, 2017)


  • Users can format notes using Markdown. This feature is currently in beta. If you want Markdown support on your site, please contact support. [35249] [42011]
  • Users can now download Shotgun Desktop directly from the Shotgun Apps menu. [40788]
  • The new Projects page now displays a progress bar when loading. [40133]
  • Display error messages on the new Projects page. [41453] [40359]
  • Improved consistency of the Create Projects form when launching from the new Projects page. [41321] [41471] [41473] [41642]
  • Users can now choose either a dark or light theme for the new Projects page. [42016]
  • The [+] button for project creation loads the old project form if not using the new Projects page. [41868]
  • The Welcome screen has been updated to include options to create a new project or explore a demo project. [41514]


  • The “Read/Unread” field on Notes prevented the keyword search in the filter panel from working. This fix ensures searches in the filter panel complete successfully. [20003]
  • Filters in the "My Filters" area with linked entities more than three steps away resulted in an error. This fix restores the ability to create this kind of filter. [25159] [37792]
  • On a detail page, the breadcrumb hierarchy of entities would not display the related content in the rightmost dropdown. This fix shows the proper list of entities in the current hierarchy chain appear. [39220]
  • In the new Projects menu, the Media app icon was cropped. This fix displays the proper Media app icon size. [39527]
  • On the new Projects page, Artists not assigned to any projects were prompted to create new projects, despite not having permissions to do so. This fix ensures Artists do not see a prompt to create a new project. [40856]
  • Thumbnails were not appearing in the Client Review Site notification emails. This fix displays thumbnails properly. [41600]
  • Users had issues renaming projects on the new Projects page. This fix makes it easier to input project names. [41676] [41694]
  • Favoriting and unfavoriting projects on Firefox was slow. This fix speeds up the process. [41775]
  • Users could not create new projects that had the same name as retired projects. This fix allows new projects to have the same name as projects in the trash. [41816]
  • Searching for projects returned unpredictable results. This fix shows expected search results. [41824]
  • Notes created in the Review Notes App displayed the time the draft was created by the user instead of when it was published to the server. This fix shows the right created and updated dates in the app. [41872]
  • The new Welcome page had overlapping thumbnails. This fix separates the options for creating a new project and exploring a demo project. [41915]
  • Not all users were able to favorite projects. This fix allows Artists and all other users to favorite projects. [41942]
  • Sorting projects on the new Projects page caused errors. This fix ensures sorting works smoothly. [41986]
  • Artists with permissions to create projects received an error message when doing so. This fix allows Artists with appropriate permissions to create projects. [42004]
  • Hiding and un-hiding Pipeline steps could cause the page to display errors or freeze. These fixes allow Pipeline steps to be hidden and made visible again without any errors. [42049] [41676] [25159]
  • Users could not use custom URLs to load full page forms for creating new entities using field values passed as parameters. This fix allows forms to be pre-populated from URLs. [42077]
  • Special characters in filenames were converted to unicode codes when uploaded. This fix preserves original characters in filenames. [42079]
  • Some characters in filenames caused uploads to fail when using direct to S3. This fix ensures uploads work. [42082]