An introduction to Shotgun

Shotgun is the creative industry’s trusted platform for secure, scalable, efficient production management and review. Learn how to set up your first Shotgun project.

Overview of Shotgun

Shotgun is used to track Projects across a wide range of industries and was initially used in:

  • Animation
  • Film
  • TV
  • Games

Outside of our core disciplines, Shotgun is also being used to track:

  • Software development
  • Website development
  • Motion capture
  • Car collections
  • Book writing
  • Onset film production

The best way to learn Shotgun is to get some hands-on experience by signing up for a 30-day trial.

Note: You'll get unlimited users and usage during the 30 trial, so feel free to customize your trial site to your needs!

Then, check out our getting started videos here and master the basics!

Everything you need to get up and running with Shotgun can be found in the navigation bars. There are two: Global navigation and Project navigation.

Global navigation

The Global navigation bar sits at the top of Shotgun and gives you access to things such as your Home page, Projects, Apps, and Admin tools. Below is an interactive quick run through of the things you’ll find here:

global navigation

Project navigation

Once you navigate to a project, you will see another level of navigation: the Project navigation bar. The Project nav bar helps you navigate through each of your projects, and can be customized per project to help guide people to the things you're tracking. It’s made up of two main components: the entities you’re tracking, and pages within your project. You can choose which pages appear in the navigation bar, including an Overview Page.

project navigation