Enabling a custom entity

Video transcript

If you need to track something new, which doesn’t exist in Shotgun by default, then you’ll want to enable a Custom Entity. For example, you might want to track Seasons for your TV series.

Seasons entity

To enable a Custom Entity, first head to Site Preferences under the Admin menu.

Site preferences

Expand the Entities section and choose one which isn’t enabled. The available entities will appear as a light grey.

Enable it by selecting “Yes, use custom entity...” Then give it a new name, such as "Seasons."

Next, decide if that entity needs to have Tasks, Versions, or Pipeline Toolkit/File Publishes. Save the changes and you’re done!

Note: If you choose to enable Tasks, once the new preferences are saved, two things will happen: Tasks will be linkable to the newly configured entity type, and it will support the use of Task Templates.

Custom entity enable

Seasons will now appear under Projects > Other. And you can add it to the Project Navigation bar if you need to.

Project navigation bar

To learn how to link your new custom entity, see part 2 of the video: "Linking a custom entity."



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