I loaded media into Shotgun, but when I launch it in RV, why do I get a “no local media” error?

Note: As of Shotgun 7.2, RV can stream media hosted on Shotgun, so you should no longer see this error.

Web Playable Media is a transcoded movie that is stored in the cloud.

Media Playable by RV is either an image file, file sequence, or movie stored on your local file system.

RV is used to play back high-resolution media, so it looks for media that lives locally on your servers so that you don't have to upload gigs of high-resolution imagery (and you can’t stream high-resolution data easily). To ensure that you can play locally-stored media, fill in the "Path to Frames" (sg_path_to_frames) and "Path to Movie" (sg_path_to_movie) fields on your Version in Shotgun with a path that users at your studio can access.

For more information, see "Submitting your work."



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