RV hotkeys

RV has many built-in shortcuts. You can learn about RV’s hotkeys via RV’s Help menu.

Help menu

From the Utilities section of the Help menu, select “Describe…” or “Describe Key Binding…” to see an explanation within RV of what certain hotkeys do.

Describe options in RV

Describe options

Menu items with hotkeys also display the hotkey on the right side of the menu item.


If you’d like to see a list of all of RV’s current key bindings, select “Show Current Bindings” from the Help menu. Below is also a list of RV’s hotkeys (note that capital and lowercase letters are different hotkeys):

Hotkey Action
F1 (Fn + F1 on Mac) Toggle Menu Bar Visibility
F2 (Fn + F2 on Mac) Toggle Heads-Up Timeline
F3 (Fn + F3 on Mac) Toggle Timeline Magnifier
F4 (Fn + F4 on Mac) Toggle Heads-Up Image Info
F5 (Fn + F5 on Mac) Toggle Heads-Up Color Inspector
F6 (Fn + F6 on Mac) Toggle Wipes
F7 (Fn + F7 on Mac) Toggle Heads-Up Info Strip
F8 (Fn + F8 on Mac) Toggle Heads-Up External Process Progress
~ Toggle Timeline
` Toggle Fullscreen Mode
! Set image scale to 1:1 on presentation device
* Apply Random Luminance LUT
( Cycle Image Stack Backwards
) Cycle Image Stack Forwards
[ Set In Point
] Set Out Point
| Set In/Out Range From Surrounding Marks
\ Reset In/Out Points
, Set Frame Increment to -1 (reverse)
. Set Frame Increment to 1 (forward)
< Go to Matching Frame of Previous Source
> Go to Matching Frame of Next Source
? Show Help Options
Space Toggle Play
1 Scale 1:1
2 Scale 2:1
3 Scale 3:1
4 Scale 4:1
5 Scale 5:1
6 Scale 6:1
7 Scale 7:1
8 Scale 8:1
A Toggle Real-Time Playback
a Show Alpha Channel
B Edit Display Brightness
b Show Blue Channel
C Toggle Region Caching
c Normal Color Channel Display
D Toggle Display LUT
e Edit Current Source Relative Exposure
F Enter FPS Value From Keyboard
f Frame Image in View
G Set Frame Number Using Keyboard
g Show Green Channel
h Edit Current Source Hue
I Toggle Shotgun Info Widget
i Toggle Heads-Up Image Info
k Edit Current Source Contrast
L Toggle Cineon Log to Linear Conversion
l Show Image Luminance
M Cycle Matte Opacity
m Toggle Mark At Frame
n Toggle Nearest Neighbor/Linear Filter
P Toggle Ping/Pong Playback
p Toggle Premult Display
q Close Session
R Force Reload of Current Source
r Show Red Channel
S Edit Current Source Saturation
T Toggle Current Luminance LUT
t Toggle Heads-Up Timeline
v Enter Display Gamma
W Fit Window to Pixels
w Resize Window to Fit
X Flop Image
Y Flip Image
y Edit Current Source Gamma
Alt + f (Option + f on Mac) Set image scale fit image width on presentation device
Alt + l (Option + l on Mac) Rotate Image 90deg Counter-Clockwise
Alt + n (Option + n on Mac) Turn On Nudge Keys
Alt + r (Option + r on Mac) Rotate Image 90deg Clockwise
Alt + s (Option + s on Mac) Turn On Stereo Keys
Alt + left arrow (Option + left arrow on Mac) Go to Previous Marked Frame
Alt + right arrow (Option + right arrow on Mac) Go to Next Marked Frame
Keypad-enter (Fn + enter/return on Mac) Set Frame Number Using Keyboard
Home (Fn + left arrow on Mac) Go to Beginning of In/Out Range
End (Fn + right arrow on Mac) Go to End of In/Out Region
Page-up (Fn + up arrow on Mac) Set In/Out to Next Marked Range
Page-down (Fn + down arrow on Mac) Set In/Out to Previous Marked Range
Ctrl + e (Cmd + e on Mac) Export Quicktime Movie
Ctrl + f (Cmd + f on Mac) Frame Image Width
Ctrl + i (Cmd + i on Mac) Add Source
Ctrl + l (Cmd + l on Mac) Toggle Look-Ahead Caching
Ctrl + m (Cmd + m on Mac) Cycle Mattes
Ctrl + o (Cmd + o on Mac) Open File
Ctrl + p (Cmd + p on Mac) Toggle Presentation Mode
Ctrl + q (Cmd + q on Mac) Close Session
Ctrl + s (Cmd + s on Mac) Save Session
Ctrl + v (Cmd + v on Mac) Edit Global Audio Volume
Ctrl + w (Cmd + w on Mac) Close Session
Ctrl + left arrow (Cmd + left arrow on Mac) Set In/Out to Previous Marked Range
Ctrl + right arrow (Cmd + right arrow on Mac) Set In/Out to Next Marked Range
Ctrl + up arrow (Cmd + up arrow on Mac) Expand In/Out to Neighboring Marked Ranges
Ctrl + down arrow (Cmd + down arrow on Mac) Contract In/Out from Neighboring Marked Ranges
Left arrow Move Back One Frame
Right arrow Step Forward 1 Frame
Up arrow Toggle Forward/Backward Playback
Down arrow Toggle Play
Tab Toggle Heads-Up Timeline
Shift + home (Shift + Fn + left arrow on Mac) Reset All Color
Shift + left arrow Go to Previous View
Shift + right arrow Go to Next View