Tracking retakes in Shotgun

A “retake”, “revision”, or “kickback” is when a completed Task needs to be revised due to a request further down the pipeline. Retakes most commonly originate from Shot reviews and can affect multiple departments. Tracking them can get tricky due to how many people and parts of the pipeline they touch—here are some best practices for tracking them in Shotgun.

Option 1: Use Notes and Tasks

Tracking a retake with a Note is the most convenient, as you can do it directly from Shotgun's review tools. When creating the Note, you can address it to the People or Groups who need to know. If using the browser, you can also use Note Statuses and Types for further tracking granularity.

Here’s a step-by-step example for how to do this with shot HSM_SATL_0015, which needs an animation revision:

  1. Create an Animation Group and address the Note to that Group.
    animation group note
    Check out SG Review for RV where the @/mentioning is used over the To/CC addressing.
  2. Create a Note that describes the issue and give it a “retake” status.
  3. Update the affected Tasks by changing their status and track them as they progress through your pipeline.
    retake status
  4. The Animation Group then either creates a new Task and assigns the Task to the appropriate person to fix the issue, or reuses the existing Animation Task by updating the status to "retake". As soon as the person completes the "retake" Task, they reply and resolve the retake note, passing it along to the Lighting and Comp Group next.
    retake task
  5. Lastly, once Lighting has updated with the revised Animation, the Lighting and Comp Tasks are completed.
    in-progress status complete status

Option 2: Create Tasks and assign to an individual or group

This case bypasses the “retake” Note, and instead creates the Task directly. You can create a description field on the Task, and outline what needs to be done.

create task
task complete